The tasks involved in relocation are mostly big and demanding, but none of them is as grand as the moving day itself. When this date rolls by, the hired Thornhill moving companies come to your house, load your possessions in a trailer and haul them to your destination. Even if you choose to carry out a Do-It-Yourself move, this day comes with a lot to handle. During the loading of goods, expectations are high for your involvement in the process from pointing out things that movers need to manage to tie up any loose ends that were not handled in the time leading up to the big day. With the numerous processes that are bound to take place, it is paramount that safety is given one of the highest concerns, beginning with what you choose to adorn.


Modern fashion trends take on a lot of shapes and sizes. During the packing to move, your clothes should fall well within the category of comfort and protection. Since you will be expected to move around a lot, choose an attire that you are flexible in without filling constrained. Even if you will not be lifting and loading things, there is a high chance that at some point of the day, you will be:

  • stretching,
  • twisting,
  • squatting,
  • walking backward, and
  • all sorts of movements that you would not perform ordinarily.

Advisably, choose something in your wardrobe that is crafted using breathable material since a lot of physical activity will be involved. Breathable garments make the situation comfortable, especially if you are sweating in the summer heat. However, if you are handling a winter relocation, keep yourself as warm as possible, but do not mince on flexibility. In either case, you can throw on pants and overalls that spot deep pockets, which are secure enough to hold small appliances, documents, and other things that you might need handy.


Comfortable attires go beyond what you put on your body to include what your feet as well. The chaos that comes with loading things for moving means that you should be ready to avoid barriers and snags in a heartbeat. Therefore, the shoes you put on determine how good you will be on your feet for the rest of the day. Tripping over something could not only cause the breakage of goods but also injury to yourself and other people around you.

The very first thing that should be in mind when picking footwear is a comfort. The relocation could drag on for hours, most of which you will be expected to be up on your feet. It is recommended to choose a pair that is closed and built with a sturdy sole to avoid slipping.

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