If you are a lover of reads, then you probably have a good number of books tucked away on a couple of shelves or in an entire room. When its time to relocate, they can be some of the toughest chattels to handle, especially since not much is covered on how to manage them. You may question whether you should have them all boxed up together or wrap them individually before placing them in containers. If the number of books to be handled is too big, your chosen professional Etobicoke moving company can easily handle the task for you at a fee. However, if you would like to tackle the procedure on your own, we have the answers in this piece. Here are some pointers on how to handle the haul of your library as provided by skilled movers Etobicoke.

Sift Through the Stack

Your collection could be a mix of books, magazines, and newspaper prints that you have collected over the years. During relocation, it is essential to take time and go through all of them to see whether they are all worth taking with you to your new home. You probably don’t need those cooking and knitting magazines from the eighties or those books with advice on how to lose weight. Therefore, do not be in a rush to throw them all in a carton and haul them only to find out later on that there are some you no longer need. Keep in mind that the less you carry, the smaller your fee to moving companies will be. Base your choice on whether to keep a book on its sentimental, financial, or information value to see if it is worth the trouble.

Use the Right Tools

Putting away books to be hauled is only a breeze if you use the right organizing tools. Even if all the pieces are of a similar size, a lot more is demanded than just throwing them into a box and shipping them away. Ensure that you go for sturdy containers that can hold the weight of the books without giving. Each book may be light, but when stacked together, these items tend to get heavy. Also, invest in high-quality packing tape that will help seal containers shut on each edge. Ensure that you run the tape more than once at the top and bottom of each carton to reinforce it. Use it on the sides as well.

Once the books are put away, label the containers accordingly. You can pack the books according to specific niches, which will help with the marking process. This will not only help you known where each book is packed but also come in handy when organizing your new home.

Get Expert Help

Professional moving companies come with the expertise required to ensure that your books do not incur any damage from your old to a new residence. They also carry the skills to put away the chattels efficiently to ensure that packing space is utilized as best as possible.