The aftermath of relocations – bubble wrap, plastic sheets, cartons – almost always ends up in a landfill. This cycle can be a source of distress if you mind your carbon footprint. Even though relocations are not at the forefront of fighting the war against the waste tragedy currently hitting mother nature, you can make an impact by pulling off a green relocation. Reducing the environmental impact of your move can be done easily using some innovative steps that can be carried out using things that you already have. Before you throw your hands up and give up on the process, try using some of these supplies to get you started on your eco-friendly relocation.

Recycled Cartons

Boxes are part of nearly every relocation, and they are used to organize most of the knick-knacks in the home. Therefore, they account for most of the garbage that results from the venture. Make use of any containers you may have in the house, especially those that came with electronics like televisions and kitchen appliances. Alternatively, you can purchase green boxes that can be reused from local moving firms that also offer packing services.

Mince on Paper

Paper sheets and newsprint act as a useful cushioning material for items in containers. Instead of having to purchase new ones at your local store, you can start saving up on waste paper in your home as soon as you learn about the move. Corrugated cardboard and other products can serve the purpose of packing sheets in keeping fragile pieces safe and filling in any remaining spaces once everything is organized in containers. Ripped carboards can also be used to create various sections in cartons. When using printed newspaper, it is advisable first to wrap the items in polythene bags to avoid the transfer of ink.

Towels, Blankets, and Clothing

Towels, blankets, and even linens can serve as a great starting point for cushioning your small possessions such as frames and lamps. The padding effect of these items also allows them to fill any room that is left once chattels are placed in containers. However, be careful when wrapping kitchen tools since the towels or other clothes being used may end up catching a food smell.

Buy Green

In case you need to purchase additional items, make sure that they are made of eco-friendly materials. For instance, buy bubble wrap and packing sheets that are crafted out of biodegradable corn. These items can be found in relocating agencies that offer green moving services that are based both online and offline. The latter proves the most effective since it gives quick results for any searched items.