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If your house is cluttered with possessions you do not use such as ornaments, pieces that hold sentiment, or old books, you should consider looking for a storage option. This is one of the most effective ways to save space in your new home. Additionally, it provides you with a place to keep your belongings as you move. Their convenience is second to none, and most of them can be accessed any time of the day. Therefore, you can pick up or drop off items whenever it suits you.

There are a few aspects you’ll require to think about before selecting a storage component. You should be attentive in areas such as the availability of twenty-four hours watch, security systems, and gated security. The solution should be capable of maintaining you possession’s safety.

Additionally, the component should have climate control functionality. This will maintain your possessions free from damage of fluctuating climatic states. Mold, mildew and other states that may arise due to an unstable internal environment can be kept at bay. This is especially necessary if you have possessions that are made of wood, paint, and tiles.

Thanks to the online platform, locating such an option that is conveniently near you will be easy. Fort Mcmurray movers has some of the best ways you can locate agencies listed down for you below:

  • Storage Center

This has proven to be among the ideal ways to get options located in your area. You only require to enter your ZIP code into the official website and choose the storage option. You’ll then receive various agencies near your location as well as the prices they come at. You can customize these options depending on various aspects such as the fees, space, and distance. The reviews of clients who have used the facilities is also made available.


This website puts over forty thousand storage agencies located across the country at your disposal. One ZIP code will be required to run the search and the date the search commences. Availability of safety systems, climate control, distance, and twenty-four-hour security are some of the few aspects usable to find the perfect location.

  • SpareFoot

This is one of the largest platforms for such components. You can compare agencies and what they have to offer on this site. You will need to provide your city and ZIP code, after which you will receive a list of options along with their costs, spaces offered, remarks from previous clients, and how far they are.


This webpage gives you the chance to assess various options that are near you. You can loom depending on various features including how available they are, their security systems, and distance from your home. You are also provided with their quotes depending on monthly charges. If you find a convenient component, the site lets you make a reservation online or contact them using their toll-free phone. Useful tips are also provided on how to go about insurance coverage.

  • Storage Seeker

Similar to the above sites, this one provides you with agencies near you. You can make a reservation for a component directly on the site. Advice on how to choose the right space depending on your possessions is also included.

Easy-To-Locate Storage Options in the Component States

There is a high chance that you’ll come across some – or all – of this options when conducting your search on these websites. Here is a list of some of most people’s go-to storage agencies:

  • Extra Storage Space

This option comes with components that feature climate controlled functionality and top-notch security systems. The availability of this agency is more than one thousand, five hundred locations in the country and the provision of flexible monthly payments has made them among the most popular options.

  • CubeSmart

This storage agency has over eight hundred locations countrywide. There are components available for different purposes including car, business, and house goods. Access to their locations is through electric gates, and the areas are usually under twenty-four-hour guard. The monthly contracts offer convenience to clients.

  • U-Haul

This storage company doubles as a hauling one. The components are kept under twenty-four-hour watch and feature climate control functionality. Additionally, they offer pick-up services for clients who want their goods collected from their house. Payments can be made in monthly installments.

  • Public Storage

This agency has thousands of locations all over the nation that can easily be accessed from most places. Payment is made in monthly installments.


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