You’re now left with the last week before your big day. Hopefully, you’ve followed the advice from Part 1 and Part 2 to ensure the last part of your move is, well, smooth.

1 Week Before Moving Day

This is it – you’re left with 7 more days until the Moving Day. No doubt this will be a hectic, stressful week – but make sure you take advantage of that packing checklist and timeline. Now, it’s not the time to let things slip! Here’s a bit more advice for the final week.

If you’re behind your schedule, consider adding more tasks each day – or, asking friends or professional movers Toronto for assistance. Local moving companies can move heavy items, like kitchen appliances or other objects, safely. It’s better to leave these items for professionals because safety comes first – and you can get hurt.

  • The Rest of your Kitchen Appliances: You can’t ever leave the kitchen for last. It’s just too much to take down – that’s why taking the kitchen down a week prior to moving day will be enough time. Your absolute essentials, like the dishwasher, or even everyday tools like the toaster, should be boxed up by now. You should leave the microwave the day before packing day, however.
  • Clothing: The rest of your clothing should be packed up – except, of course, what you will need for the following week. Now it’s time to figure out what you will wear on the Big Day.
  • Medicine: Search through your medicine cabinet and get out everything you know you don’t need for the upcoming week.
  • Furniture: Same as kitchen appliances, these are no easy task to conquer. Moving furniture is a long and difficult process – you should definitely consider asking friends or professional movers Toronto for assistance.

2 Days Before Moving Day

By this time, you should be nearly done with your packing. If you’re still lagging behind, then please get additional assistance. This is the crucial end of the process.

  • Electronics: Ensure that most of your electronic devices are packed away safely with padding and protection in the boxes. Of course, leave your essential electronics like your laptop or tablet that you’ll take with you.
  • Bathroom Items: Go to your bathroom and pack the rest of your supplies and items.
  • Furniture and Appliances: Furniture and other household appliances, like items from your kitchen (dishwasher or stove), should all be packed away by now. If not, then go ahead and contact a professional moving company for help.
  • Essentials: These are your ‘must-need’ items that you need to have by your side. Items like a first-aid kit are vital, but of course – you be the judge of what belongs in your essentials box.
  • Miscellaneous: Complete another trip around your home or apartment, searching for anything that needs to be packed up.

The Big Day

The Big Day has finally rolled around the corner. Did it happen too quickly? Well, at least you were prepared! The most crucial thing, at this time, is that you didn’t leave any packing for the move-out day. You’ll be able to throw in your toothbrush and toothpaste, of course – but keep an empty box with you in case. And then finally – take one last trip around the house in search for more items. You don’t want to leave anything behind. Your packing checklist and timeline should have served you well. And one more thing: Good Luck!