Ready for Part 2? You’ve got 4 weeks before your Big Day knocked out – now, let’s talk about the next few weeks for preparing to move out.

3 Weeks Before Moving Day

After you’ve packed all the necessary items safely, then it’s time for you to focus on the non-essential items. These are basically anything else you won’t need in the upcoming weeks.

  • Books: Will you have the time to soak up multiple during the moving process? Probably not. Maybe a couple of books will suffice the next 3 weeks, but you should probably go ahead and pack the rest of your ‘library.’
  • Spare Bedding: Blankets, sheets, pillow cases, and anything you don’t need should be packed away. In addition, you should also pack spare towels, table cloths and other coverings will be ‘non-essential’ for the next few weeks.
  • CDs and DVDs: It’s time to put away your collection of movies, games, and TV shows in a nice sizable box. Like the books, it would be a good idea to side aside a few to enjoy – but the others should be put away.
  • Kitchen Appliances: The kitchen is always one of the hardest rooms to digest; however, you’ll make the process much easier if you pack in advance. Packing anything from extra sets of silverware and utensils to specialized cooking sets (like crock pots) will do.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

This is now a good time to start packing items you rarely use. Don’t wait for the next week…then the next day and then the day after that – until finally Moving Day comes rolling around the corner. Remember – preparation is the key to a successful move with movers Toronto.

  • Games and Toys: If you have children, then most likely there are plenty of toys and games to pack. Allow your kid(s) to keep their favorite toys and games, and then pack the rest. And the rest means everything. You’ll be surprised at how much toys you have lying around the house. And a bonus – if you think there are too many toys and games, including those which your kid(s) has outgrown, go ahead and get rid of them. You can do that by donating, throwing away no-good items, or selling (for cheap, of course).
  • Office Supplies: Go ahead and clean out your work desk, unless it will serve the next 2 weeks for your job or needs. If you’re ready to clean out your desk, then pack notebooks, pens and pencils, and other office supplies in one box. However, if you’ll need your desk seemingly ‘untouched’ for the next few weeks, then consider packing items you won’t necessarily need. For instance, print or copy paper or the extra box of pencils.
  • Jewelry: Sometimes, it’s preferred that people pack their box of jewelry with their clothing suitcase or box, but you shouldn’t leave packing jewelry for the last minute. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories you only wear for special occasions should be neatly packed away.

Read on to Part 3 to find out what to do on your last week before the Big Day!