6 Farewell Suggestions for Friends Relocating

Relocating sometimes comes with separation from loved ones, but it is a circumstance that cannot be avoided. Relocation can happen due to various reasons such as change of work or due to personal reasons. Whichever the case, it is a milestone most of us face at least once in our lives.

When one of your friends reaches such a time, a goodbye party may be in order. That way, you can have one last memory to remember them by until you see each other again. In this article, you’ll find some ideas on ways you can make the most by planning a memorable bash for your relocating pals, before the movers in Surrey arrive.

What to do when your friends are moving away?

1. Have a theme

This can be a fun way to incorporate aspects of the place where your friend is headed. Use the mover’s destination to determine the theme that will surround the party. For instance, if your friend is relocating to China, you can go high-key with fireworks or low-key with dragon decorations and colorful lanterns. Their new location can also serve as inspiration for the food offered to guests at the party.

You can have sushi, prawns, fish, rice, and other foods that are native to China. If making the meal yourself is too much work or hiring a gourmet chef is too expensive to hire, you can order Chinese from one of your favorite restaurants.

2. Offer favor tokens

As much as you will miss your pal, remember that they are also going to miss their hometown; therefore, give them something to remember their old place. This can include tokens that your region is famous for, such as foodstuffs, spices, among others.

You can also have pieces such as vases, keychains, or wallets made engraved with the name of your hometown. Consider what your friend likes when doing this. For instance, if they enjoy wine, you can have wine glasses engraved with your city’s name.

3. Film a video

Have a video shot of the party and use simple editing tools to put it together to look like a film. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a video. You can have photos taken, and then put them together into a montage. Do not limit yourself to the party only, and you can include pics and clips from previously shared moments. Once you’re done, send it out To Whom It May Concern, with your relocating pal at the top of that list.

4. Offer shifting containers

With everybody bringing gifts, it will leave the mover with more stuff to worry about when hauling. Therefore, in the invitation card or email, ask everyone in attendance to come with a small shifting container or any other equipment that will come in handy in the relocation. These gifts may not be the most generous, but they will go a long way in helping out in the relocation.

5. Farewell book

Request everyone in attendance to sign the farewell book. In this book, they can write about moments they cherish most with their friends or encouraging messages they would like to give them. You can also have Polaroid snapshots included, making the book even more special.

6. Toast to your friend

Sit together and let everybody share a memory about your friend; it can be any that they find worth remembering the person with. This will end the party on a high note and be exciting, especially the mover. That way, everybody will have a good last memory before they haul their belongings and themselves across the country.

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