Of all the furniture in most homes, pianos present the most significant challenge to relocate despite being among the most eye-catching additions. When looking to haul these pieces, a lot of expertise and care is required to ensure that no damage comes to the item. These articles are usually made of numerous fragile parts that can prove cumbersome to replace if damaged. Therefore, during this time, it is recommended to turn to professional piano movers in Concord to get the device to your new home. Such relocating agencies carry vast experience on how to haul these appliances and handle any challenges along the way to ensure the security of both the piano and those involved in transporting it.

Even with the help of skilled furniture removers, some things have to be applied to ensure that the process goes down smoothly. We touch on some of the things you can do to ready yourself to haul your piano before the relocating team arrives.

Collect Necessary Tools

Even if you do not plan on being involved in moving the piano around, you may have to be involved in the wrapping process. This procedure will be done effectively by wearing gloves, which ensure that you have a tight grip on each item. Therefore, ensure that you get your hands on work gloves, which can come in handy when tackling other projects in the house once the relocation is complete. That way, you won’t have to throw them out and incur a loss.

You will also need to purchase some casters. Usually, piano legs are built with casters, but they are included to hold the weight of the article when it is stationery. When being pushed around, the pieces can break easily and even damage the flooring. The additional castings are crucial in keeping the articles sturdy. However, before going out to make the purchase, confirm with the relocating agency on how they plan on taking out the furniture. If they intend to dismantle the legs and carry them separately, then the castings will not be needed. Instead, the legs should be organized in blankets individually and secured with tape before being loaded onto the Concord truck for rent. The articles should not be placed in containers.

Handling Fragile Wood

Among the elements that make pianos fragile is that they are mostly made of wood, which adds to their elegance. Therefore, when using packing tape on the frame, be keen to ensure that none of it comes into contact with the wood to avoid damaging the finish.

Securing the lid

The lid is also a delicate element of pianos, and it serves as a protective cover for the keys. Therefore, before the hauling process can begin, ensure that it is locked. If it cannot be, the lid should be sealed using blankets, but tape cannot be applied.