DIY mistakes #5: “My friends will be glad to help me move out.”

One thing you should do when moving by yourself is to explore your self-moving options as far as they can go. Among all the possible mistakes during a DIY move, the most crucial one is to underestimate the difficulties and obstacles a relocation may involve.

As stated above, a self-move is not the right time to try to prove to yourself that you can handle everything on your own without any assistance. If you are, for instance, moving from North York to Mississauga and letting professional packers and Mississauga movers take care of the toughest relocation stages for you is too costly, then you will need to reach out to your friends for a helping hand.

Having your friends cancel on you at the last minute could complicate your move to or from North York.

However, don’t assume that your pals are obligated in any way to help you. On the contrary, they will probably be dealing with complicated work schedules, prior commitments, and other responsibilities, so ask for their help as early as you possibly can to maximize your chances of receiving positive feedback;

It’s best to ask for their help face to face, if possible;

Don’t try to underestimate the amount of work they are expected to do, but be a straightforward with them from the start;

Understand those who cannot lend you a helping hand for one reason or another;

Prepare and organize whatever you can in advance to save your friends’ time and efforts, and remember to show your immense gratitude and reward their sacrifice in a way that you deem most appropriate and memorable.

Contact Miracle Movers and be assured that we’ll take care of any possible issues during your move to or from North York!