Reputable Long Distance Movers from Toronto to Montreal & Back

Eliminate all the stress of organizing long-distance moving from Toronto to Montreal, or from Montreal to Toronto by contacting Miracle Movers, your reputable long-distance moving experts. Changing provinces is stressful and emotional enough without having to worry about organizing such a difficult relocation. Schedule a cross-province moving service and we’ll handle everything so you don’t have to worry for a single second. We have the experience, our track record is impeccable, and our customers love our services. You can depend on us to make your move easy.

Meet your dependable long distance moving company

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We will first provide an accurate on-site estimate by thoroughly inspecting your property and assessing your moving needs.

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We are an experienced team of completely insured moving professionals and we will keep all your belongings safe during your move.

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We provide a full-service moving package that includes packing, unpacking, moving, and storage services, and optional extras.

Our experts will help with moving from Toronto to Montreal

Miracle Movers is your go-to dependable long-distance moving company for all your relocation needs to Toronto from Montreal, as well as the other way around and across the entire region. There isn’t a long-distance moving job that is too big, complicated, or difficult for our expert long-distance movers to handle. We are here to provide you with any kind of moving assistance.

Our 4-step process ensures maximum moving efficiency

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Phase 1: Planning

Your experienced long-distance movers will assess your home, listen to your moving requirements, and then offer a pricing quote before continuing to Phase 2.

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Phase 2: Preparation

Your movers will prepare your property for the long-distance move and take care of various tasks you’ve selected for your moving service, such as partial disassembly or packing.

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Phase 3: Execution

Your moving professionals will begin your move by loading all your items onto a moving truck, and then proceed to relocate them, unload them, and set them up at your new home.

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Phase 4: Completion

Your movers will finalize their long-distance moving service by performing other services you’ve booked, such as unpacking, furniture reassembly, and a post-move clean-up.

Moving from Montreal to Toronto made easy

Additional moving services

  • We provide a full-service moving package that includes a lot more than just the planning and the execution.
  • We provide additional services: tagging & zoning during planning phase, disassembly & packing, unpacking & reassembly.
  • Additional extras: short-term and long-term storage solutions, paper shredding, and waste disposal.

Moving supplies

  • We help secure and relocate your belongings with our additional packing and moving supplies.
  • We offer supplies such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap, stickers, labels, cardboard and plastic bins, as well as markers and banker boxes.
  • We provide some moving supplies within our standard services, while we charge extra for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a long-distance move easier?

If you want to make your long-distance move from Montreal to Toronto as easy and as efficient as possible, then hire your reputable cross-province moving experts from Miracle Movers. We will take care of even the smallest of details of your long-distance moving endeavour, and make sure everything transpires smoothly.

However, if you’re set on doing it on your own, here are some top long-distance moving tips to help you:

  • Make a plan for the move as soon as you know you’re moving.
  • Whatever happens, try to stick to your schedule.
  • Update all of your important documentation.
  • Do not forget to purchase moving insurance.
  • Create a detailed list of your inventory.
  • Decide the new arrangement in your new home.
  • Spend some time on major downsizing.
  • Make a priority list of must-keep belongings.
  • Organize your items as you’re packing them.
  • Label all the boxes.
  • Cut some corners in order to save money.
  • Take advantage of the off-season to move long distances.
What should you not move long distance?

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from Toronto to Montreal on your own, or hiring reputable long-distance movers at Miracle Movers. There are some item categories that you should not take with you during your long-distance moving experience:

  • Overly bulky belongings
  • Too many items of clothing
  • All paper apart from important documents
  • Different bathroom items and toiletries
  • Various assortment of garage junk you’ve never used
  • Old mattresses and bedding
  • Perishables
How long does a long-distance move take?

It is difficult to provide an even remotely accurate estimate on the duration of long-distance moving services from, for example, Montreal to Toronto. The length of your move depends on the following important factors:

  • The distance of your move
  • The moving company you hire
  • The time of year of your relocation
  • The size of your household
  • The quantity of items you’re moving

The best way to secure a quick and efficient long-distance moving experience is to hire dependable professional long-distance movers such as Miracle Movers. We will do all we can to make sure you get to your new home as fast as possible.

How much is long-distance moving?

The price of a long-distance moving service mostly depends on the moving experts you choose to hire for your move. At Miracle Movers, we value reasonable and transparent pricing without any hidden costs. Contact us today and let’s work something out.

Who are the leaders among long distance moving companies from Toronto to Montreal & beyond?

Moving your entire household and your whole life is difficult enough when you’re doing it a couple of streets away, but imagine having to relocate across entirely different provinces. It is a physically demanding and emotionally taxing endeavour, and the best thing you can do is enlist assistance from reputable long distance movers.

That is why you should turn to experienced moving experts at Miracle Movers. We will help you with your long-distance moving from Toronto to Montreal, whether you’re moving from the vicinity of Mount Royal, or Montreal Botanical Garden. Also, we are here for all your other moving needs, such as:

We also provide exceptional packing services, and offer you a chance to purchase high-quality moving and packing supplies to make the entire moving process safer and easier. Contact Miracle Movers today and tell us where you’re moving to. We’ll handle everything else.