Experienced Cross-Border Movers From Toronto to Rochester, NY

With Miracle Movers in your corner, you can ensure that your cross-border move from Toronto to Rochester goes smoothly and without issues.

What to expect from our streamlined cross-border moving

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We’re capable of packing all your belongings in a short amount of time, saving you time and energy.

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We apply suitable techniques and use sturdy equipment to safely load your belongings onto the truck.

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Your move from Toronto to Rochester will transpire without hassle, delays, and unwanted expenses.

Our happy clients have something to say:

Our reliable team ensures a smooth move from Toronto to Rochester

When you’re looking for an established moving company to streamline your relocation from Toronto to Rochester or vice versa, we’re at your service. Our experts have ample experience with a wide range of international relocations. Our team members are insured, bonded, and certified to help you transfer across the US-CA border. They are also versed with a variety of add-on services you can order as a part of your package.

Learn about the phases of your relocation process

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Step 1: Devising a plan

At the very beginning, we’ll propose a tailored plan for your cross-border move from Toronto to Rochester, considering the number of items and specific requirements you might have.

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Step 2: Packing & preparation

Our team will prepare your belongings for transport. They will bring the necessary supplies, custom crating, take apart your furniture, and conduct other add-on services when requested.

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Step 3: Loading & transport

With everything packed and secured, our team will load the items onto the moving truck positioning the items so that they don’t get damaged or lost in transit.

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Step 4: Arrival & unloading

Once we reach your new home, the last phase of your cross-border move will include unloading. You can also order assembly of furniture, unpacking, and removal of debris.

Let us take the stress out of your cross-border move

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Reliable technicians

Our crew will move your belongings from Toronto to Rochester swiftly and professionally, at an agreed price.

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Timely updates

To keep you informed at all times, you can count on a detailed step-by-step schedule for your relocation.

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Loading & unloading

We have the necessary equipment and know the right techniques to load any amount of items safely onto the moving truck.

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Disassembly & assembly

Our team is skilled at disassembling and assembling bulky items. They can also perform it on arrival.

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Convenient storage options

You don’t have to worry about finding a storage facility elsewhere. Store your items with us and move them later.

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Extra unpacking

Our qualified crew will carefully unwrap all of your belongings and remove the cardboard and debris left behind.

Our Credentials

We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to know when moving from Toronto to Rochester, NY?

No matter if you’re moving to Downtown Rochester, somewhere near the Genesee Valley Park, or elsewhere in Rochester, you have many opportunities to enjoy this culturally significant and beautiful city. It is one of the leading cities on the coast of Lake Ontario and the center of Monroe County. These are the advantages of living here:

  • Although property taxes are high, costs of living are quite affordable.
  • The city has a diverse landscape that includes farms, family houses, condos, parks, a river, breathtaking waterfalls, and a beach.
  • It’s home to a number of successful businesses and corporate headquarters.
  • The climate conditions are the same as in Toronto, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.
  • The city is one of the safest places in the US, so it’s ideal for families.
  • It’s home to several private and public universities, making it an ideal place for students and academics.

Our crew of cross-border movers will conduct the process in a responsible and timely manner, letting you enjoy your new home.

What questions should I ask cross-border movers?

To make sure that you’re dealing with established professionals capable of carrying out your move from Toronto to Rochester or vice versa, you could ask the following questions:

  • How long have you been in the business? 
  • Are your staff members insured and bonded? 
  • What type of equipment do you use to load and unload items?
  • Do you offer any type of guarantee?
  • Do you reference check your employees? 
  • What type of vehicles do you use? 
  • Do you offer some add-on options and services?
  • Are there some items that you can’t move from Canada to the US?
How far in advance should you book cross-border movers in Toronto?

If you’re moving during the busiest season, i.e. during the summer months, it’s important to book your cross-border move as soon as possible. Ideally, you should arrange the service a couple of months in advance. The task requires a lot of logistics, so you should consider the following factors that will determine how soon you should book it: 

  • The season you’re in – winter is generally better for a relocation in terms of finding a reliable team
  • Quality of the scheduling system 
  • The number of items you’re transporting
  • Special services that you might need, like assembly/disassembly, loading of specialty items, like pianos, pool tables, entertainment centers, or fitness equipment
  • General flexibility of your everyday schedule
How much does a move from Toronto to Rochester or elsewhere in the USA cost?

It’s impossible to give an exact figure since every cross-border move is unique. However, you can get a rough idea about the cost of your relocation when you consider the following factors: 

  • The overall number of belongings you’ll ship - this will determine the size of the necessary luggage space, amount of fuel, as well as the need for loading/unloading labor 
  • The overall distance from Toronto to Rochester
  • Any additional parking fees and permits
  • Any required service add-ons, such as assembly/disassembly, debris clean-up, unpacking, etc.  

If you wish to get a precise estimate based on our previous experience, don’t hesitate to call Miracle Movers.

How can I hire a dependable cross-border moving company for my move from Toronto to Rochester?

If you’re searching for the leading company with broad experience with international moves, you've come to the right place. Miracle Movers is your number one choice if you need to move locally within Toronto or any other city in Canada or if you need expert help with a long distance relocation across province borders. Besides helping you reach Rochester, you can rely on us for relocations to other cities in the US as well. Call us if you’re looking for: 

Make the most of your relocation by reaching us now!