Top-Rated Moving Company for Your Move to New York From Toronto

Miracle Movers provide dependable solutions to clients moving from Toronto to New York and from NYC to Toronto. We understand how daunting an international move can be, so we’ve designed an all-encompassing approach to moving services to assist you every step of the way. Being a full-service moving company, we’ll handle every step of your cross-border relocation, including the submission of necessary paperwork.

Our team will go out of their way to minimize the stress of moving abroad with a range of flexible moving options. Let us improve your moving experience and help you settle in your new home effortlessly.

How #1 movers help you relocate from New York to Toronto

Best Local Moving Service in Toronto

Our crew is swift when it comes to packing and loading your items

Trusted Toronto local moving company

We do everything in our power to save your items from damage

Reliable movers and packers in Toronto

Your possessions are delivered to a new location, unloaded, and unpacked

Moving to NYC has never been easier

Avoid the usual difficulties that accompany moving abroad with the sleek moving services rendered by the Miracle Movers. Whether you’re moving from NYC to Canada or from Toronto to New York, our trained team will work out a way to manage your relocation. Depend on our unwavering commitment and professionalism to efficiently get you through the process.

We have a proven four-step plan

Step 1: Plan

First, our competent movers will conduct a virtual survey and consultation to provide you with a free cost estimate for moving from Toronto to New York.

Packing Service in Toronto when moving

Step 2: Prepare

If you’d like us to, we will pack your belongings carefully and securely. Afterwards, our team will proceed with loading them onto our truck.

Step 3: Execute

Next, your packed up possessions start their journey to their destination. We’ll ensure that they arrive in great condition, without a scratch on them.

Moving Service heavy items loading

Step 4: Finish

We’ll compete our moving services with delivering, unloading, and unpacking all the items. We can also assemble your furniture if you request it.

Tailored & convenient moving from New York to Toronto

Count on our team to fully customize your move, including full-service, fragile-only, or DIY packing, custom crating for your artwork and other high-value items, short-term and long-term storage, assembly/disassembly, and more.

Pick a packing plan

  • Do it yourself: Even though our movers can pack your items, you are welcome to request otherwise. Make sure that everything is set before the team arrives to pick them up.
  • Protect sensitive items: We’ll wrap and secure your fragile items before loading them onto our vehicle. Our crew uses special equipment and sturdy supplies to keep your worries at bay.
  • Full-service move: With this convenient package, we’ll manage everything from packing to final unpacking. You don’t have to worry about a thing when you choose this option.
  • Store items for later: If you can’t transport all the items in a single take, you can pick our long-term and short-term storage options. This way, you don’t have to leave anything behind.

Personalize your service

  • Crating service: Our packing supplies include handy crates, which our team can use to pack up your things. This is a great option if you have valuable items that require special attention.
  • Extra unpacking: While some clients prefer to unpack on their own, others take advantage of our unpacking service. Save your time, while our crew unpacks and removes packaging debris.
  • Assembly & disassembly: Our crew can take apart your fitness equipment, swing sets, and furniture, and assemble them again upon reaching the destination, reducing your efforts.
  • Loading & unloading: If you prefer to handle all other aspects of your relocation yourself, hire our precise technicians to carry your belongings to the truck or unload them on arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I move to New York from Canada?

Many Canadians decide to relocate to The Big Apple, whether temporarily or permanently, for work or personal reasons. This is a big decision that entails a lot of planning and careful considerations, the most important of which are:

  • Acquiring a visa: Canadians who are only planning to travel the USA for up to six months don’t need a US visa. However, if you’d like to relocate permanently, you will have to obtain one. Thankfully, Canadians can get the permission to work in the US fairly simply under the TN status.
  • Finding a place to live: Although Manhattan is most newcomers' first choice, it is also known for its high rent prices, which may not suit everyone’s budget. Assess your needs carefully, research what the boroughs have to offer, and browse apartments for rent until you find your ideal accommodation.
  • Managing your move: Hiring a reputable moving company to streamline your move from Canada to NYC is a lifesaver. Here at the Miracle Movers, we’ve developed failproof moving methodology, complete with quality packing supplies, storage options, and other useful add-ons. Contact us to turn your moving experience from Toronto to NY into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
How do I move my furniture from Canada to the US?

Moving internationally can be a risky endeavor, so it’s best to have trained and reliable movers by your side throughout it. As one of the top-rated moving companies, the Miracle Movers have dealt with moving furniture from Toronto to NYC and other major U.S. cities many times. Our thorough approach is based on our vast experience in the field.

We’ll ensure that your furniture items are delivered to your new residence safely by:

  • Disassembling them first, if you wish so
  • Providing temporary storage for them if that’s what you need
  • Loading them carefully onto our vehicles
  • Making sure that they’re tightly secured
  • Transporting them promptly
How much does it cost to hire cross-border movers?

The exact price of hiring movers will always vary according to a few important factors:

  • The size of the truck,
  • The distance between the two locations, the loading and unloading time, the number of movers required,
  • Extra add-ons you want your moving company to take care of.

If you contact the Miracle Movers to arrange for your Toronto to NYC move, our customer service team will gladly answer all of your questions, including price-related ones. You’ll receive a free quote to get a general idea of what the final costs will be. We’ll work out the exact price once we know the precise weight of your cargo.

What is the best moving company for moving cross-border?

Are you a Toronto resident who’s preparing to move to New York? If you’re looking for a moving company that will smoothly manage your cross-border move, look no further than the Miracle Movers. With our assistance, you’ll quickly be ready to start your New York adventure, browsing the fantastic art collection at The Met  or taking long strolls in Central Park.

Apart from international moving from Toronto to NY or from NYC to Canada, we can also organize a convenient local move in Toronto and skillfully carry out your long distance move in Canada. Reap the benefits of our all-encompassing moving services and get ready for an exciting new chapter in your life.