Safe Cross-Border Moving Services from Toronto to Kansas City, MO

Count on our highly trained and practiced cross-border movers to get your items from and to Kansas City in no time.

See how we make our cross-border moves fast and effective

illustration of movers Careful handling

Our top priority is to ensure your belongings reach their destination without any cracks. To this aim, we employ only rigorously vetted pros.

moving trucks Secure transportation

We engage all our knowledge and resources to make sure your items suffer no damage during the long-distance cross-border moving process.

stacked moving boxes Worry-free delivery

Besides moving your items from location A to location B, we pay special attention to unpacking them and putting them in proper order at their new location.

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Let our specialists do all the hard work for you

Our technicians are skilled at delivering high-grade cross-border moving services to Toronto from the USA and vice versa. To save you from any unexpected troubles, we utilize the most advanced techniques and materials. We select only professionals with a proven record of dedication and efficacy in their work to join our team. We make sure our pros meet your expectations and spare you from unnecessary relocation worries.

Streamlined cross-border moving from Toronto to Kansas City

location illustration

Stage 1: Strategy Creation

An initial on-site consultation with you will serve as a building block for the construction of a plan we’ll follow throughout the relocation process.

A mover wrapping a table in cloth

Stage 2: Detail-oriented preparing

To prevent any confusion during further phases of your relocation, our cross-border movers will carefully label and pack each of your items meant for transport.

a dolly next to a pile of moving blankets

Stage 3: On the way

Our next step is to ensure your belongings are transported from Toronto to Kansas City or the other way around in the most secure and efficient way possible.

Moving Service heavy items loading

Stage 4: Unloading & Arranging

In the end, our seasoned cross-border movers will help you unload and unpack your items. If needed, they can also assist in arranging the items and cleaning them up.

Our cross-border moving services are at your disposal

Two people shaking hands

Adept specialists

Our trained cross-border movers will employ their knowledge and experience to ensure the whole relocation goes smoothly.

a puzzle

Packing & unpacking

You don’t need to worry about packing or unpacking your items as our reliable experts will make sure these are done correctly.

An illustration of a person talking on the phone

Detailed schedule

We’ll prioritize informing you about the steps we plan to take. You’ll be acquainted with our cross-border moving process well in advance.

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Knowing where your items are

You’ll also have an opportunity to track your belongings in real-time owing to our advanced GPS tracking system.

payment icon

Transparent and reasonable pricing

You can rest assured that we’ll charge you only what we offer. There’ll be no hidden or additional expenses.

A solder

Taking care of new home

Once we complete your cross-border move, you can count on our specialists to rearrange items in your new home.

Our Credentials

We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do before moving to the US from Canada?

In order to successfully complete your relocation from Toronto to Kansas City, MO, you should carefully plan your future steps. Good to-do advice includes the following list:

  • Check whether you have all the necessary items such as a passport, visa, and different licenses.
  • Finish all the trivial stuff you’ve already started
  • Take care of the finances required for the trip
  • Pay off the outstanding bills
  • Consider taking up insurance
  • Stay in touch with your family and friends 
How much does a cross-border move cost?

How much your cross-border moving experience will cost depends on a whole range of things, including the distance between the initial and final destination and how many items are being transported. If you hire a professional moving company, there may be some costs related to the workforce.

What will stop you from entering the US?

Most commonly, you may be denied entry into the US if you possess some form of a criminal record. Crimes that will almost certainly prohibit you from crossing the border include those characterized by moral turpitude, a range of controlled substance violations, at least two summary convictions, prostitution and commercialized vice, and serious crimes for which immunity was obtained.

How many times can a Canadian enter the US?

The US law permits Canadian citizens to travel from Toronto to Kansas City, MO whenever they want. They’re, however, prohibited from staying in the US for more than six months per single visit if they did not obtain special permits.

How can I choose the right cross-border moving company to get my items from Toronto to Kansas City, MO, or vice versa?

We at Miracle Movers devoted our lives to delivering dependable cross-border moving services in Canada and the US. Our work consists of applying the most advanced and efficient methods to the problems our clients face. If needed, we’ll go the extra mile to provide you with:

Whether you live in the vicinity of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art or the Kansas City Zoo, we’re there for you. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with our meticulous experts!