Reliable Cross-Border Moving Services from Toronto to Columbus, GA

Opt for an enjoyable, stress-free relocation with some of the finest cross border movers in Canada.

Professionalism you can depend upon for your cross-border move

illustration of movers Expertise & Dedication

Our professionals understand the value of your belongings and exercise utmost care throughout the process.

moving trucks Safe Preparation & Transportation

Knowledgeable packers and experienced drivers will see to it that your items get to their destination unscathed.

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Move to Columbus, GA from Toronto without lifting a finger as our experts handle every detail.

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We make moving from Toronto to Columbus, GA effortless

Your relocation to Columbus, GA can be strainless and effortless with the assistance of our professional Toronto movers. Our full-service package lets you sit back, relax, and worry about nothing. From planning to packing to heavy lifting, our crew can handle it all with unparalleled care and professionalism. What’s more, you can choose from our additional services to fully tailor your package to suit your specific requirements. With us by your side, your sole focus will be on your new life.

Our 4-step-process to your seamless relocation

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Step 1: Meticulous Planning

Our experts will devise a comprehensive plan of your relocation. Our specialists are detail-oriented, so they don’t leave anything to chance.

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Step 2: Pack & Prep

Our professional packing services make sure your belongings arrive from Toronto to Columbus, GA safely. Our quality materials and methods to ensure they’re secure.

a dolly next to a pile of moving blankets

Step 3: A relaxed moving day

Our moving crew will arrive at your place at the agreed-upon time, with a vehicle suitable for your move, and all the tools necessary to make the loading process safe and fast.

Moving Service heavy items loading

Step 4: Enjoy your new home

Once your belongings arrive at your new home you can start enjoying it right away. Our crew will unload your items, reassemble your furniture, and help you unpack.

There are only upsides to working with our cross-border movers

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Training + Skill + Experience

Our movers have the experience of hundreds of Canada to USA relocations under their belts. They’re ready to put all of their knowledge and skills to good use and make your relocation seamless.

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Save your time and nerves

Ensuring your possessions’ safety has never been faster and easier. Our professional packers handled thousands of items – from the most fragile baubles to the bulkiest armoires.

An illustration of a person talking on the phone

Info that makes moving easy

Our team is always ready to provide information, advice, and guidance that will help make your relocation even easier, including providing information on the status of your (cargo) while it’s in-transit.

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Transparent estimates

We provide a comprehensive breakdown of costs, way before your move begins. Surprise expenses will never be a part of your relocation experience with our Toronto to Columbus movers.

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Safe space for your belongings

Store your items in our secure and sanitary storage facility while your relocation is underway. We’ll keep your belongings safe in our regularly-maintained, pest and moisture free storage.

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All-encompassing service

Our Canada to US cross-border moving services cover every step of the way. From planning to packing to heavy-lifting to helping you settle in – you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Our Credentials

We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a cross-country move?

In general, cross-country move refers to any relocation that involves crossing state borders, such as moving from Toronto to Columbus. However, some moving companies consider 400+ mile moves cross-country, too, even if they are within the same state.

How can I prepare for my move from Canada to the USA?

If you’re using the services of professional cross-border movers, your workload will be minimal. What you can do to help speed up the process is declutter your home or office before the move, and sort items into piles. That way, movers and packers will prepare everything for the trip even faster and you’ll have easier time unpacking.

Is it possible to move furniture across the border?

In most cases, you can take your furniture with you when moving from Canada to the USA without hassle if it was in your possession for at least a year before the move. However, some items may require proof of ownership, along with the date of purchase (receipt).

What is the cost of a cross-border move?

The price of your interstate relocation will depend on the number of factors such as:

  • Weight of the cargo;
  • Distance traveled;
  • Labor involved;
  • Additional moving services included.

In short: the more and further you move, the greater the cost, and vice versa.

Which cross-border moving company can help me move from Toronto to Columbus, GA stress and worry-free?

When you want a move from Toronto to Columbus that you can thoroughly enjoy and arrive at your destination brimming with energy and positivity, all you have to do is give Miracle Movers a call. For years we’ve been one of Toronto’s most relied-upon moving companies for both residential and commercial relocations. Our service area covers a vast array of destinations, so count on us for:

After a seamless relocation to Columbus from Toronto, you should take some time to explore the area. If you are an outdoorsy person, you’ll enjoy a scenic stroll down the Chattahoochee RiverWalk or explore the Columbus Museum.

Get in touch with us today and let us plan and carry out your relocation – start to finish. With our Toronto movers by your side, you won’t lose a minute of sleeping worrying about your belongings’ safety.