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Hire your respected cross-border moving company and get your belongings from Toronto to Atlanta.

Make your moving from the USA to Canada worry-free

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Our proficient technicians will make sure that all your belongings are properly taken care of.

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We’ll ensure your items are relocated from location A to location B without any damage.

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You can forget about all the relocation worries. Our experts will make sure the whole process is seamless.

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Moving from Atlanta to Canada has never been this easy

The practical knowledge we at Miracle Movers have collected over the years grants us expertise about every tiny aspect of the relocation process. Be it for personal or business purposes, our experts will ensure that everything goes smoothly from the beginning till the end. Our technicians are insured and highly skilled in providing top-level moving services from the USA to Canada. You can focus on your everyday activities while they work their magic.

Experience our streamlined & efficient process

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Step 1: Fully customized schedules

When devising a plan for each client, we pay attention to their particular needs. They’ll receive a full schedule during their entire relocation procedure.

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Step 2: Packing up

Whether your relocation starts from Toronto or Atlanta, our cross-border movers will make sure your belongings are adequately packed to prevent any cracks during transport.

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Step 3: Secured transportation

We’ll provide fast and efficient cross-border moving services. High-quality tools and techniques we use help us ensure utmost satisfaction.

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Step 4: Settling in at your new home

The last part of our job involves unpacking your belongings. Per your request, our specialists can even assemble the furniture in a new home.

Our experienced cross-border movers operate on a variety of routes

Our skills in cross-border moving are at your disposal

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Qualified crew

Our experts implement dedication and precision toward dependable results. They’re well-trained in managing cross-border moves from the US to Canada and vice versa.

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Packing/unpacking with no hassle

Our top priority is to make all your belongings arrive at their destination in their initial condition. We’ll carefully pack and unpack your items so you don’t have to worry.

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Frequent notices

You can rest assured that our pros will send you regular updates on the whereabouts of your items. Our tracking system will make sure our notices are accurate.

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No additional charges

Our cross-border moving company doesn’t incur any hidden costs for the services we provide. This means you’ll pay the amount listed on your quote.

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Fully equipped storage

Our clients can use our fully secure and safe storage facilities. These can significantly help them with the relocation process while keeping their items intact.

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Comprehensive relocation assistance

We’re aware of how moving from Toronto to Atlanta or vice versa can be difficult for our customers. This is why we offer assistance in all stages of the relocation process.

Our Credentials

We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need if I am moving household stuff from Canada to the USA?

There are several important documents you need to bring with you if you plan on cross-border moving between Canada and the US. Besides a valid passport and work/immigration visa, you also need to bring a completed 3299 form and the full truck inventory list. If you are importing vehicles, you also need to fill out an HS7 form for each of them. Finally, you also need to possess a valid I-94 record.

Can I bring furniture from Canada to the US?

Furniture is typically allowed to cross the US borders without any taxes or import duties. The only condition is that the items should be owned for at least a year. For some items, owners may need to provide valid proof of ownership. In the case of antiques, however, they may need to pay some duties or taxes.

What is the easiest way to move to the USA from Canada?

People can obtain a US Green Card in several ways. Depending on personal circumstances, some people may opt for a visa based on their employment contract with an American employer, while others may have more luck with a residence permit based on their marital status.

How much does a cross-Canada move cost?

Relocating your belongings from Canada to the US or vice versa depends on a wide range of factors. Some of them include the distance between two locations and how many and how big items need to be transferred. Hiring a reliable cross-border moving company may help you lower your costs while getting an extremely effective service.

How do I find proficient cross-border movers on a Toronto-Atlanta route?

We at Miracle Movers boast significant experience in delivering highly professional cross-border moving services to our clients in Canada and the U.S. Whether you need a full relocation of your home or are just willing to move some items important to your business, you can count on our rigorously vetted experts. Our services cover a wide range of territories, including:

Whether you are leaving Atlanta or just came here to stay for some time, you can enjoy your time at the Atlanta Opera or the Georgia Aquarium. While you’re exploring this marvelous city, our pros will make sure the whole relocation process is complete in a smooth and safe manner.