Common moving mistakes that cost you

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Moving can be a stressful and chaotic experience, often leading to simple yet costly mistakes. In the midst of this upheaval, it’s easy to lose or forget things. Even small oversights can cause delays and add to your frustration. But with careful planning and a clear strategy, you can avoid the common moving mistakes that cost you. If you’re in the Toronto area and want to ensure a smooth move, seeking help from some of the best movers downtown Toronto has to offer is a wise choice. Keep reading to discover common moving errors and learn how to prevent them, saving you time and stress during your relocation.

What are common moving mistakes that cost you during the move?

During the move, people often hurry to finish all the tasks. That is why they make mistakes that can have long-lasting consequences and cause a lot of stress. There are many things you have to worry about when planning a move, especially when moving from Ontario to Quebec because they are quite different.

Here is our comprehensive list of common mistakes we see often during the move. Remember, avoiding these mistakes will help save your money and your sanity:

  • Forgetting to contact service providers
  • Failing to complete a change of address
  • Not having insurance coverage
  • Not completing proper move-out procedures
  • Leaving tasks unfinished until the last minute
  • Forgetting to complete an inspection
  • Leaving tasks unfinished until the last minute
  • Not decluttering before the move
  • Hiring the wrong moving company
  • Failing to label boxes
  • Failing to take measurements of your homes before moving
  • Packing your books in the wrong way
  • Ignoring weather conditions
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Mistakes are a normal part of our lives. However, there are many ways to avoid mistakes when moving.

Failing to declutter before the move

Another common moving mistake is failing to clean or declutter the old home before moving to the new one. Declutter your home by donating unwanted items to a charity shop or selling them for a little extra money. You’ll need all the space you can get, so getting rid of old or forgotten items can be a great way to make room in the moving truck. Decluttering the house will not only give you more room to pack, but it will also mean you won’t need as many boxes, lowering your moving costs slightly. It will also make the process much easier for you and the moving team because there will be less risk of heavy items overflowing.

Not taking measures before the move

Before your moving date, you’ll need to know the dimensions of all the doors leading into your new home, as well as any large furniture. Take a measuring tape with you to a house viewing and record the results. Having this information will make your moving day much less stressful, and it will give you or your removal company plenty of time to disassemble any furniture that is too large to fit inside. Let’s say you are moving from Toronto to Guelph, and your homes are completely different. You surely don’t want to leave your king-sized bed outside, just because it can’t fit the door.

Avoiding this common moving mistake can also help you transform your new house into a home. Measure your curtains and furniture sizes in advance to plan the design of your new space before moving in. It may take a while to feel completely settled in your new home, but engaging in this kind of preparation keeps the excitement of moving alive.

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Don’t let common moving mistakes that cost you during the move bring you down. Moving can be fun after all.

Forgetting to contact service providers

This can end up causing you to be on the hook paying for services that you didn’t use. Imagine that you are moving from Toronto to Montreal, and you failed to cancel the services in your Toronto home. The next thing you know is an extremely high electricity bill that you have to pay. You can contact service providers like cable, and hydro gas as soon as you anticipate your move and provide them with a final date of service. This allows you to be responsible only for services that you use. It also prevents others from using services without you knowing.

If you’re moving to a new home within the same area or city, you can even schedule your services to be connected before your move so that they are ready when you move in. If you wait until you have already moved in it can take a few days to a week or more in some cases to have technicians out to hook up cable and internet.

Failing to complete a change of address

If you do not submit a change of address with Canada Post 14 days prior to your move your mail may end up in the care of strangers. This can cause your personal and credit information to be compromised. Moreover, all the letters and important documents will arrive at your old home. Moreover, many of them will be lost on the way too. That is why you should change your address right before you move to the new location, and check the old house in case an important paper came in the meantime.

Not having insurance coverage

Not having insurance coverage is a risk you shouldn’t take when moving. As soon as your moving date is set, make it a priority to arrange for insurance coverage. Contact your insurance provider and inquire about policies specifically designed for moving. Additionally, explore options with moving companies, as many offer insurance coverage for the items they transport. This dual approach ensures that your personal property is protected in case of damage or loss during the move. Having this coverage offers a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that you’re financially protected. It’s an important step in safeguarding your belongings, providing reassurance that, should anything go wrong, you have the necessary support to cover replacements or repairs. This preparation is key to a stress-free and secure moving experience.

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Having insurance coverage can result in significant savings.

Not completing proper move out procedures

Individuals who are renting their current residence are generally required to complete a final inspection checklist with their landlord. It is in your best interests to do this as this provides a definitive account that cannot be disputed as to the condition of the premises when you move out. Damages to the property can happen by trespassers or new tenants following your departure from the home. This can be blamed on you if your landlord does not witness the move out condition with you and may cause the forfeiture of your damage or security deposit.

Forgetting to complete an inspection

It is necessary to report any problems with your property that is moved by movers Woodbridge Ontario residents trust within a certain amount of time if you want to file a claim. An inspection of these items should be done before signing anything that the moving company may require after the transition is completed. This will prevent you from having a hard time collecting compensation for damaged or lost items that can occur during your relocation.

Leaving tasks unfinished until the last minute

Leaving tasks until the last minute is a common mistake during moving. With so many responsibilities, procrastination can lead to the need for last-minute moving services, which can be expensive and disruptive, forcing you to postpone other important tasks to concentrate on packing. For instance, moving from Halifax to Toronto becomes much more stressful if not planned well in advance. To avoid this, begin your planning and packing as soon as you have a moving date. Utilize the various moving house apps available to help organize your move. Starting to pack several weeks before the move is not too early. It’s surprising how many things we forget to do, despite thinking about them daily. Early preparation can help ensure a smoother and more efficient moving process.

Hiring the wrong moving company

The moving company you select will be in possession of all of your belongings and will be an important factor in the success of your house move. For example, moving from Toronto to Kitchener should not be hard, as the distance is only 107 km. However, choosing the wrong company can cause many complications. As a result, it is critical to ensure that the people you hire are trustworthy, reliable, and, above all, professional. Items are frequently broken or lost during moves, and while this is not always the fault of the moving company, hiring a reputable team of movers will significantly reduce the risk. Comparing moving quotes and conducting thorough research are excellent ways to avoid making this moving mistake.

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Choosing the wrong moving company can lead to complications.

Not labeling boxes is one of the common moving mistakes that can cost you

One common mistake during moving is not labeling boxes, which can lead to unnecessary complications. Often, people overlook the importance of marking their boxes, which can result in confusion during both the moving and unpacking processes. To avoid this, many choose to hire professional movers King City Ontario has to offer who understand the significance of this step. Proper labeling is not just about making unpacking easier, it also guides the moving team on where to place the boxes in your new home and identifies which ones contain fragile items needing extra care. Facing a pile of unlabeled boxes in your new space can be overwhelming. Instead, it’s advisable to label each box by room, list its main contents, and note if it’s fragile or requires special handling. Using color-coded stickers is a helpful and time-efficient way to organize your boxes and streamline the moving process.

Packing your books in the wrong way

Packing books improperly can lead to issues, especially for book enthusiasts. While it might seem convenient to pack all your books into one box, this can make the box excessively heavy and lead to potential injuries. A better approach is to distribute your books among several boxes, ensuring that hardback books are not all in one box. This method helps in evenly distributing the weight, making it easier and safer for both you and the moving team when loading and unloading. Another practical solution is to pack books in a large suitcase with wheels, allowing you to easily roll them into the moving van. This reduces the strain on your back and simplifies the moving process.

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Avoid filling boxes too heavily with books.

Ignoring weather conditions

Ignoring weather conditions is a critical oversight when moving, especially in a city like Toronto, where the climate encompasses all four seasons, including harsh winters with significant snowfall. When planning your move, it’s vital to account for the weather, as it can greatly impact the process. In winter, for instance, snow and ice can cause delays and create hazardous conditions for transporting and handling your belongings. Therefore, it’s essential to have contingency plans for weather-related challenges. This could include scheduling extra time for the move, ensuring that your belongings are properly protected against the elements, and having the necessary equipment and supplies, like salt for icy walkways or waterproof covers for your items. By being prepared for the weather, you can mitigate risks and avoid common pitfalls that can complicate your move.

You don’t have to make mistakes while moving!

Encountering a few hiccups is a typical part of any moving process, and it’s natural to feel a bit disheartened or self-critical when they happen. But by being well-prepared, you can sidestep these common moving mistakes that cost you unnecessary stress. Meticulous planning and diligent packing are the cornerstones of a smooth, hassle-free move. Keeping a positive outlook is equally important. View this experience as a thrilling step into your next Toronto adventure, and with the right approach, you can transform moving challenges into a successful and enjoyable journey.