Adults showcase tremendous capacity in their ability to stay in vehicles for long drives across thousands of miles, but the same cannot be said for children. Kids lack the tolerance to sit still in such a manner, which can make it a dreadful encounter if proper measures are not put in place. In this piece, we cover checklist for moving on how to hit the road while making the experience comfortable for you and your children.


If you hired a moving company in Thornhill to haul your belongings to your new home, chances are that you have enough room in your car for a bag or cooler of snacks. These items not only keep kids full and distracted but also come in handy for yourself. Take some carrot sticks, apple slices, and other fresh snacks that you can easily reach for when hunger comes knocking. You can involve the kids in making the snacks the night before, such as in the case of road mixes and sandwich creations. It is advisable to take finger food over other types of meals since there is a high chance your car will have little pieces of food all over the place upon arrival. Therefore, you do not want to be left with the hassle of cleaning out M&Ms and chocolate chips off your seats.

Travel Overnight

Your kids are bound to fall asleep at night, which makes it an ideal time for you to hit the road. When bedtime comes around, get the children into the vehicle and enjoy a nice quiet drive free from their crankiness for being in a car for too long. Ensure that they are buckled into their seats safely to avoid any mishaps on the road. Additionally, make sure that you get enough rest prior to beginning the trip. Carry a lot of water and snacks of your own to help you stay alert for the whole trip.


The items you carry for entertainment depends on the age of your kids and their preferences. Moving is stressful, in the case of toddlers, ensure that you have enough toys with you that can be changed from time to time as they get tired of the one in their hands. Young and older children tend to lean towards movies and fun apps on their tablets. Make sure that you pack chargers to avoid these devices dying on them. Books can come in handy for older kids as well. Also, you can involve the kids in making a fort of pillows and sheets in the back where they can play with their toys.

Essentials Bag

Have toiletries and a change of clothes for everyone to cover for each day you plan on being on the road. Depending on how old the kids are, it is advisable to bring one or two extra pieces that can come in handy when they make a mess of themselves. Sleeping clothes are also recommended if you plan to camp somewhere along the way. Toothbrushes, wet wipes, tissue, and hand sanitizer should also be included in the list.