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Once you decided you ready to hire Mississauga movers, one of the first questions that will pop in your mind will be: what kind of packing supplies should I use? And more important: should I use cardboard boxes or should I rent plastic bins?

Of course one may decide to go with cardboard boxes simply because it is cheaper. But wait a minute. You may be surprised to find out that it will cost you pretty much the same if you rent plastic bins! It is simple: if you decide to go with the boxes because it seems cheaper, pay attention to the fact that you will be using tape, paper for packing, markers to label each box, maybe some other supplies that will imply additional costs, and of course all the time involved in between. Time is a very important matter when it comes to moving to Toronto.

If you are willing to go with cardboard boxes, you should make sure you have enough of them, or find a company that also deliver cardboard boxes along with their services. Besides, you will have to take care of the boxes afterward: either gather all of them and keep them in a storage, or dispose of them, either way it will take you more time on how to proceed afterward, while when it comes to plastic bins, all you have to do is empty them and return them to the company. No extra fuss!

In order to help you make a more accurate choice, we are offering you the following ideas and tips:

Cardboard boxes:

- you can find them in a wide range of sizes and types;
- weightless;
- you can take them with you anywhere you like;
- you may easily recycle them or re-use them (in case they are still in good condition).

Plastic bins:

- are more stable and can hold heavier and larger items;
- are easier to handle and stack;
- they are ready to use, which saves more time for packing;
- they are damage/water proof;
- in case you bought them, you may re-use them again and again (they will remain in good shape);
- are returnable – you do not have to worry about what to do with them after the move.

As we can see, both options seem good and acceptable. So depending on the move, you may choose for yourself which is the best option: if you are moving a long distance, and a bigger amount of items, the plastic bins should be the best decision, since they are stronger, safer, as well as waterproof and damage proof. You may also re-use them in several purposes if you decided to purchase and keep them. Or you may simply return them to the company, with no worries, in case you decided to rent them.

The cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are a better option when you are performing a small move, like a room, or simply a couple of items and details.

Fortunately, Miracle Movers is the company that can offer you both options, depending on your decision! So either you decide to go with cardboard boxes or with plastic bins, all you need to do is give us a call, and we will advise you what’s the best decision for your kind of move!


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