Gather Moving Supplies

Start getting all the Thornhill moving essentials ― tools, packing tape, measuring tape, a dolly, bubble wrap or old newspapers (that timeless bubble wrap substitute), and boxes. But avoid paying too much for your cardboard. Hit up businesses like dollar stores and liquor stores that receive lots of weekly shipments to get boxes for the unbeatable price of Free. Don’t also forget to check out Craiglist’s free section for packing solutions.

KonMari Your Life

Relocation is the perfect opportunity to get rid of excess belongings and save big on Thornhill moving cost. Enter Marie Kondo: nobody has a more efficient declutter method than the bestselling author and Japanese organizational expert. Her “KonMari” approach focuses on grouping items by category instead of the room they will go to and keeping only those things that “spark joy“. Be honest about the items you really use and which ones actually make you happy, and you’ll find yourself decluttering with ease.

Dump Junk Via Kijiji And Goodwill

Now that you’re clutter-free – well, almost clutter-free ― you still have to figure out how to dispose of all your extra stuff. Setting up garage and Kijiji sales or donating to charities is a great way of doing this. Reserve high-value specialty items for online sales, like vintage items you picked up while traveling. The garage sale can be for everything else that might earn you some extra cash but isn’t worth shipping ― for instance, your old TV. Just avoid throwing things out, especially old clothes. Donating to charities is a much better option.


Sort, Pack, And Label Like A Boss

The more careful you pack, the more it’ll pay off when you’re settling in your new home. Whether you’re doing a DIY move or booking professionals if you’re choosing the full-service option, it may help to take photos of your place focusing on how details like electronics and wires connect to avoid too much hustle, especially if it’s likely to remain the same.

Once you have taken the photos, you’re ready to start packing. Substitute unyielding and clunky suitcases with heavy-duty plastic bags, especially if you’ll be using your car. Avoid any potential soul-destroying spills on any of your valuables by putting plastic wrap under your toiletry bottle caps. Also, try to leave items that you’ll require easy access to over the month in open, labeled boxes, and place key items you’ll need during the first few days in your new home in a clear plastic bag.


Schedule Time To Cut The Cords And Clean Up The Apartment

Your goal is to arrive at moving day blessedly free of the unsettling feeling that you forgot to do some very important things ― for instance, returning your cable box to your service provider. Create a final to-do list the moving week and tie those little odd ends like changing your address, canceling cable, returning your keys to the landlord, and cleaning up the apartment to a security deposit-worthy shine, and you’ll be able to keep calm.

Load The Car, Trailer And Moving Truck The Right Way

As you’re putting your belongings in the car, keep in mind the little details that will save not only time but also space and money in the long run. When loading your car, ensure to spread out all the heavy stuff on each side properly for a smooth ride and to save on gas.

Overpacking your car could actually damage it, which is the last issue you want to deal with on your first day in your new home. But that doesn’t mean you should leave empty spaces. On the contrary, get creative and wrap your blankets and towels around awkwardly shaped things like TVs, and put additional belongings in your handbags. You might also consider purchasing an overhead luggage carrier for transporting more items.

Check to make sure the rearview and side mirrors are in clear sight, put your car in drive, and you’re ready to go!