Congratulations! You got the job offer that you’ve been waiting for since you graduated college. However, there’s just one hitch – they’re in the diverse, thriving city of Vancouver, and you’re in Toronto. It looks like you’ll need to plan a big move, and fast.

Thornhill Movers has created a guide to help you efficiently tackle moving day with ease ― because you’ve got this, and are geared up for your next big life adventure and whatever comes with it.


Ship Out During the Off-Season

Pick a moving time that falls outside of the popular spring and summer months. During these times schedules are squeezed, and there isn’t enough driver capacity to meet everyone’s needs, so you’ll want to move during fall, winter, or spring. However, if you’re moving for school related reasons yourself, you may not be able to avoid moving during this period. But if it’s at all possible, you may be able to negotiate a sweet discount.

Take Time To Scope Out Your New Digs

Even though the house looks like it is in winning shape, it would be inadvisable to skip an inspection. You do not want to lock yourself into a lease in a studio where the supposed view of downtown Vancouver is actually one of your neighbor’s bedroom.

Ask City pals to see if they’re willing to let you crash at their place for a weekend, allowing you to check out housing options in your new city. Prepare before you arrive by perusing tried-and-true Craigslist, using Google Street View to cross reference what you’re seeing. And once you get there, go on your search with a good amount of cash in your savings account that can be drawn upon as needed. There are a number of upfront costs associated with relocating to a new house, even though conventional wisdom says your rent should be less than a third of your monthly income. In many cases, you’ll be required to pay a rental application and background check fee, credit, the first month’s rent and a compulsory security deposit, usually equivalent to another month’s rent.

If you do not have the time, energy or resources for a house hunt, put your stuff in a moving company storage facility for a month and use services like Airbnb to crash in short-term apartment rentals. By the time you find a place, you’ll know for a fact that you’re in a great neighborhood.

Find the right Thornhill movers

Now that you know what your new digs might look like, you’ll want to get down to brass tacks. Consider a move that best fits your lifestyle and budget. The DIY approach is very mentally and physically demanding because you’ll be coordinating everything yourself but is often cheaper. Hiring professionals to take the reins (some even offer packing services) means you get to breathe easily on moving day. Contact this link to receive the Thornhill Movers quotes (one of the most efficient on the market).

This goes without saying; the more you move, the more it costs. Not all of your belongings will have to be transported. So you might consider either donate some of the items you won’t be using anymore, making small gifts for your friends or even throwing away or recycling the stuff you don’t need, like old furniture pieces. Depending on the distance, you may determine what pieces you want to take with you, and which one can be replaced at the destination with new ones. Canada Post is a great option for moving your books and DVD’s to your new house ― According to the site, it’ll take up to ten days. Even though the shipping is slow not only are you paying less, but you also have enough time and room in your car, to load the rest of your belongings.

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