Relocating any time of year is hard, but if your schedule is adjustable and you are not tied to a specific timeline, there are several aspects to take into consideration when choosing when to relocate. Keep in mind that, if you are being moved by your employer or starting a new position, these factors could be part of a negotiation deal.

The Perfect Time

If you could choose what time of the year to relocate, it is advisable to pick spring or late fall when it’ll be easier to find and hire movers and when rental agencies are not charging the highest fees.

Also, weekend rates tend to be higher, for both truck rental companies and moving agencies. Avoid weekends, the first of and last days of each month and summertime. At this time, moving is at its height. Most of us have other concerns, such as spouses, kids, schools, jobs, and a ton of other reasons why choosing our move date is tough. Experienced movers in Toronto have compiled some issues that most people face.

School Calendar

If you have kids, it is best to work around the school calendar. Summertime is a perfect period to relocate, as kids have finished the classes and have said their goodbyes to friends. However, scheduling to move immediately after the end of school does not give your kid time to adjust to the idea of relocating, to say goodbye to their home and neighborhood friends. When choosing the big date, give your children an allowance of a few weeks at the new location to unpack and make new neighborhood pals.

They will be better settled for the school year if given the time to make their new house feel like home. Too much change can be harmful to their performance and emotional health.

What works best for your kids, also works best for you. While settling, take a couple of days for you and your child to take a look the new school, meet some teachers and students, and find suitable transportation.

You and your child will both be better prepared, resulting in a smoother transition.

Holidays and Special Events

Avoid relocating before important holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or Ramadan as much as you can, since part of such occasions is spent with family and close friends. Birthdays, anniversaries and other family occasions can also be hard. Give yourself adequate time in your new home before the beginning of the holiday season, to allow yourself the chance to meet new people and feel like part of a community. Better still, save your move for immediately after a holiday. Holidays provide a perfect chance for goodbyes and last get-togethers.

Seasonal Considerations

Many would agree that summertime is the best moving time period. Kids have finished the school year, the weather is almost assured to be perfect, and friends are free to give a helping hand. If this is your ideal time to relocate, ensure you check moving agency schedules and rates before settling on a moving date. Most agencies have peak times and will charge higher fees accordingly. Also, if you plan to relocate at peak times, you will need to be properly organized to make sure that a moving company or a moving trailer is available for the date and times you need.

As much as summer move could cost you more, winter, needless to say, is also not an ideal moving time. Travel is stressful, for both you and your family, along with the moving agency. Belongings kept overnight in a trailer under freezing conditions may lead to damaged items. If you are relocating from one climate to another, water damage may happen when the transportation mode moving your household items travels from a cold climate to a warmer environment. Unpleasant surprises such as freezing or thawing may result if goods are not sealed properly.

A favorite vintage rocker we own cracked when it was moved from warm to a snowy cold city. Such drastic and quick climate changes are tough on wood and even some plastics.

If you own a lot of prized antiques, you may wish to pay the higher fees and relocate when the weather is more favorable. For more information on packing up your items, contact Movers Toronto to get more helpful information or a moving quote.