Best places in the province of Ontario to grow up

take a look at some of the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in

Canada is a top choice for families looking to move, and Ontario stands out for its quality of life. Many families are drawn to Ontario’s excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and abundant green spaces. To make your move stress-free, reach out to moving companies GT that can help make your transition to one of the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up absolutely perfect.

What are families looking for when moving to a new place?

The best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in are the ones with the best schools, green areas, and safe housing. These elements deeply affect children’s growth and family health.

  • Schools: Families seek quality education. Strong schools provide solid academic bases and extra-curricular options.
  • Safety: Low crime rates reassure parents. Safe neighborhoods allow kids to play outdoors freely.
  • Walkability: Cities that are easy to navigate on foot promote physical activity and decrease overall car use.
  • Green Spaces: Parks are vital for children’s health, both physical and mental. They provide a space for play, exercise, and nature interaction.
  • Affordability: Cost-effective living is crucial. It enables parents to sustain a comfortable family lifestyle.
  • Kid-Friendly Amenities: Cities with museums, sports centers, and activity programs enrich children’s experiences.
the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in are the ones where a child feels safe and supported
When looking for the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in, parents should take into account both finances and quality of life.

What are the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in?

Now that we’ve covered what families are looking for in the next chapter of their lives, it’s time to get to our topic. So, let’s explore the best areas, suburbs, and cities that Ontario has to offer and see if you find a place that is suitable for you and your family!

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is more than a suburb—it’s practically a city located close to Toronto. It has a population of 208,000, with a diverse mix of young families and professionals. The average age here is 41.

The local real estate market features average home prices of CAD 1.7 million. Rental prices typically sit around CAD 4,500 per month. These prices accurately reflect the quality of life this area offers.

Local schools like Bayview Secondary and Richmond Hill High School are centers of academic excellence. They support students’ growth academically and in extracurricular activities, preparing them for future success.

The community is safe, with crime rates well below the Ontario average. Children play outside safely, and community events are common.

Richmond Hill is full of activities. The David Dunlap Observatory offers space education programs, while the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park provide fields and picnic spots for families. Reliable movers in Richmond Hill ensure smooth transitions for new residents.

Annual events like the Ribfest and Winter Light Festival draw the community together. Parks like Mill Pond Park and Lake Wilcox Park offer places for outdoor fun and relaxation. These parks host concerts and allow activities such as kayaking.

Hiring movers in Richmond Hill during the duration of these festivals will help you deal with crowds during the festivals and annual events, as they are more than capable of handling your move in traffic jams.


Newmarket really shines as a spot for families who are looking for that perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city perks. It’s a commuter’s haven just a 45-minute drive north of Toronto. Picture this—streets that still feel close-knit, where nearly 88,000 people enjoy life with a youthful vibe. Also, the average age here is 39, which is perfect for young families.

Housing here won’t break the bank. You’re looking at average home prices of around CAD 1.5 million, with rents hovering at about CAD 4,400 a month. Considering the amenities and the high quality of life, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

And the schools? Top-notch. Newmarket High School and St. John Chrysostom Catholic School aren’t just buildings; they’re places where kids thrive academically and grow through all sorts of extracurriculars. They’re the kind of schools where teachers remember your name and more.

As for safety, Newmarket is the kind of place where you can let your kids play outside without worry. Crime rates? They’re way below what you’d see in most places across the province. It’s the peace of mind every parent is looking for.

Speaking of fun, Newmarket is packed with activities that are perfect for kids. Take Fairy Lake Park—whether you’re up for a leisurely stroll or an energetic frisbee game, this place has space. And the Magna Centre isn’t just another sports complex; it’s where future athletes are made, with ice rinks that are as cool as the Canadian winter and pools that make summer splash-tactic.

Thinking of moving? Well, movers in Newmarket know this town inside out and can make shifting here as smooth as ice cream on a sunny Sunday. So, why not leap? Newmarket’s ready to welcome you home.

a picture of a happy family in bed
Vaughan is great for families who want great education.


Living in Georgina, just an hour north of Toronto by Lake Simcoe, offers a peaceful, family-friendly atmosphere. The town has around 45,000 residents, creating a close-knit community feel. The population here only keeps growing thanks to the reputable movers from Georgina.

Homes in Georgina are reasonably priced, with an average cost of CAD 1.2 million, and renting typically costs about CAD 4,400 monthly—far less than in many other Ontario locales.

The local schools, like Keswick High School and Fairwood Public School, are excellent. They provide a solid education and have a variety of extracurricular activities.

Georgina stands out for its safety. Its low crime rates allow kids to play outside freely until sundown.

For outdoor activities, the ROC offers skiing in winter and zip-lining in summer. De La Salle Park is our favorite spot for relaxed family picnics and leisurely walks.

Overall, Georgina combines affordability, quality education, safety, and a strong sense of community, making it an ideal place to live.


Vaughan is just north of Toronto, which is perfect for commuters who want suburban living. The community has about 323,000 residents.

Homes average CAD 1.7 million, and rent is about CAD 4,300 monthly. Despite high costs, the quality of life here justifies the expenses. It is, without a doubt, one of the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up if you can afford it.

Schools like Vaughan Secondary and St. Jean de Brebeuf rank among the province’s best, known for strong academics and diverse activities.

The town is safe, with crime rates significantly lower than the provincial average. If you move here with the help of movers from Vaughan, you will get to call one of the safest Ontario communities home.

For entertainment, Canada’s Wonderland and Vaughan Mills shopping centers are popular. Vaughan offers urban conveniences with suburban comfort, making it a top choice for families.

a picture of a happy family in bed
Vaughan is great for families who want good educational options


Markham, located northeast of Toronto, has a population of approximately 342,000, with an average age of 37. It’s rapidly growing due to its cultural diversity and strong community vibe.

Home prices in Markham average CAD 1.9 million. However, high living costs are offset by excellent local amenities and services.

Educationally, Markham is home to notable schools like Markville Secondary and Unionville High School, both of which are praised for their academic programs.

Markham is also noted for its safety. Its crime rates are significantly below those of Ontario overall. It is 86% safer than cities throughout Canada!

Recreational options include the Pacific Mall, which offers diverse shopping experiences, and Toogood Pond Park, which offers outdoor activities. If you are moving with the help of movers in Markham during the summer, we recommend visiting the park as soon as possible.

East Gwillimbury

East Gwillimbury is located 50 kilometers north of Toronto. It boasts a youthful, family-centric community of 23,000. The local housing market is affordable, with homes averaging CAD 1.9 million and renting around CAD 4,800 monthly. The high prices make it an exclusive community where people get to enjoy a high quality of life. If you can afford life here, rest assured that moving with the help of East Gwillimbury movers will be more affordable than living here.

Schools like Huron Heights Secondary and Sharon Public School are known for high educational standards and supportive environments. The town features notably low crime rates, enhancing its appeal to families.

Residents enjoy Rogers Reservoir and Fairy Lake for leisure.

Picture of a barn in one of the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in
A peace of mind only East Gwillimbury can bring is what most families look out for.


Toronto is Canada’s largest city, home to about 2.93 million people. Immigrants make up a large part of this population, and new residents just keep coming, thanks to the hard work of local movers in Toronto. It is a cultural and economic center of Canada. The housing market is expensive; homes average CAD 1.6 million. Even though it is the heart of Canada, the home prices are considerably more affordable than in the surrounding areas. This is mostly due to everyone preferring the suburbs over the city in the past few years.

The University of Toronto Schools and Northern Secondary School offer extensive programs and activities. Toronto’s crime rate is relatively high, but neighborhoods like Leaside and The Beaches are safe for families. It’s just a matter of finding a safe place in the city. Popular attractions include the Toronto Zoo and Ontario Science Centre.


Guelph, known as “The Royal City,” is about 100 kilometers west of Toronto. It suits families well, with a population of 135,000 and an average age of 38. Housing is more affordable here than in Toronto, with prices at CAD 1.1 million and rents at CAD 2,700. This is by far one of the most affordable and best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in.

Centennial Collegiate and John F. Ross Collegiate are acclaimed for their academics and activities. Guelph is one of Ontario’s safest cities, a major draw for families.

Guelph offers numerous activities. The Guelph Lake Conservation Area and Riverside Park are ideal for outdoor fun, and the Guelph Civic Museum provides educational opportunities.

a picture of a park in Guelph in autumn
Moving to Guelph means experiencing nature’s wonders.

London, Ontario

Located halfway between Toronto and Detroit, London serves as a hub for those seeking a thriving community with excellent amenities. The city has about 404,000 residents, with an average age of around 39.

Affordable housing is one of London’s key advantages. The typical home sells for around CAD 887,000, positioning London as a budget-friendly option for families looking to stretch their dollar to the maximum.

For recreation, London offers plenty. From Storybook Gardens to the London Children’s Museum and various parks, families find numerous options for leisure and adventure. These features combine affordability with a safe, enjoyable living environment, making London a top choice for families in Ontario.

The local education system also stands out. Schools such as Central Secondary and Sir Frederick Banting Secondary maintain high academic standards in supportive environments.

Safety in London surpasses many other areas. The crime rate here falls well below the Ontario average, which provides a secure environment for raising children.


Cobourg, a quaint town on the shores of Lake Ontario, lies about an hour east of Toronto. With a population of roughly 19,000, mostly older residents, Cobourg exudes a peaceful atmosphere.

Cobourg also offers many opportunities for family fun. Places like Cobourg Beach and Victoria Park are local favorites for outdoor activities, while the Cobourg Community Centre provides a variety of sports and recreational programs.

Housing here is affordable compared to larger cities. Homes typically cost around CAD 963,000, with rent of about CAD 2,500 monthly. This lower cost of living appeals to many seeking a quieter lifestyle, making it popular among retired people with a fixed income.

Cobourg’s schools, including Cobourg Collegiate Institute and St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, receive praise for their strong academic programs. These institutions foster a robust learning environment.

Safety in Cobourg ranks among the best in Ontario. The town’s crime rate sits significantly below the provincial norm, ensuring a safe setting for its inhabitants.

Picture of a beach in Cobourg
Access to lake Ontario is available to everyone that decides to live in Cobourg.


Waterloo, part of the Kitchener-Waterloo metro area, features top educational facilities and a robust tech industry. It houses approximately 104,000 people, the average age of whom is 37. This means that many young families live here and that many families keep moving here.

The average home price in Waterloo is CAD 953,000. The monthly rent is CAD 2,500, suitable for families. The low prices are the biggest benefit of living here.

Notable schools include Waterloo Collegiate Institute and Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School, which were praised for their educational excellence.

Crime rates in Waterloo are lower than in many other Ontario locations.

Residents enjoy Waterloo Park and Laurel Creek Conservation Area. The Perimeter Institute offers educational programs.

Which one of the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up in will you choose?

Choosing the best places in the province of Ontario to grow up involves looking at schools, safety, housing, and activities. All these places offer unique benefits, making them excellent choices for families who are moving. Each city has its charm and advantages, ensuring a nurturing environment for children. Some offer many high-quality amenities for high housing prices, while others offer fewer amenities but for a lower housing price. Decide what is more important to you, hire residential movers in Toronto, and experience the move of your dreams!