There’s no doubt that moving is stressful and complicated. It’s already excruciating to load heavy boxes and clean out all the junk you can find, but getting injured is an ever bigger problem. And what’s worse? A lot of injuries come without warning. People usually tend to arrange a move by themselves, without considering the potential threat that the move might involve. In other words, if you’re not well informed about how to make an efficient move – you can end up endangering yourself and even the unqualified helpers. But, that doesn’t have to stop you – with these guidelines, you can make your move easy and smooth.

How to Observe Safety when Moving in Thornhill

There’s a purpose you picked a Do-it-yourself move. Aside of all, if you are sure you can get the move done fast and smooth by yourself, it is better to proceed this way and save the money. But, before you start this self-move – you need to know how to do it. So, here are a few simple ideas to ensure your move is a harmless experience.

Don’t Pack Too Heavy

Throwing all your china and silverware into merely one box, instead of two or more, may seem a more convenient way of packing – but it’s not. It’s important that each box is not too heavy. Since it will require handling and carrying around, it would be better if the box doesn’t exceed a weight of 50 pounds. Remember, carrying the boxes won’t just be a struggle from your door to the truck; you’ll be taking those boxes up and down the stairs, through corridors, and just about any route you can think of. A box of about 50 pounds can be handled by any kind of person, without any difficulties. In case you are moving objects which are bigger or heavier, make sure to have another person to help you with it. And of course, you have to make sure that the other person has a firm grip as well. Moving boxes safely isn’t all that hard – it just takes some basic knowledge and understanding.


Bending down, lifting heavy boxes and then carrying them to and fro is going to make your body ache. And no doubt your back will be the one to take a painful pounding. One way you can prevent the back trauma and body ache is by stretching. Allow yourself to rest every now and then, taking small breaks in order to do some stretching. Encourage the people helping you in doing the same. After all, there can be fewer injuries for everyone.

Wear the Right Attire

The best attire for a self-move is loose clothing and closed shoes. This move isn’t just a leisure activity; it’s a strenuous job (hence the stretching). Think of a self-move as a strenuous workout, and then treat it like one. For instance, you wouldn’t wear sandals during a workout, would you?

Sandals: a big no-no. They’re not comfortable for a move, your toes could get hurt, and sandals will definitely deteriorate faster from the pressure of the move.

Closed Shoes: any decent pair of sneakers will do. You should wear shoes that are both comfortable and which offer you an adequate grip and a fixed ankle.

Clothing: your clothes should allow you to move freely. But, make sure they’re not too wide – or they can get stuck during the move.

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