All you need to know before moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury

a woman packing before moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury

Moving from province to province is always an exciting journey. While being parts of one country, Canada’s provinces all offer different things in their own ways. There are many similarities, of course, but there’s always something you’d find new and different. Surrey is a big city with more than 500,000 residents, while East Gwillimbury has just under 40,000. As you can imagine, the contrast in lifestyle can be substantial. So if you plan on moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury in the near future, below you will find relevant information and all the ways the two cities differ. If what you read solidifies your desire to relocate, as some of the most trusted GTA movers, we’ll be glad to assist you.

Cost of living difference to expect after moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury

The cost of living in Surrey is notably lower than in East Gwillimbury. One significant difference is in real estate prices, with the average home price in Surrey being $1,299,850, whereas in East Gwillimbury, it’s higher at $1,496,834. Also, the average rent in Surrey is $2,307, while in East Gwillimbury, it’s $2,442. When it comes to monthly expenses, the utilities in East Gwillimbury are around 30% more expensive than in Surrey. On the other hand, when it comes to groceries, healthcare, and transportation, the costs are nearly the same in both areas.

Furthermore, the difference in average salaries between East Gwillimbury and Surrey adds another layer to the cost of living contrast. In East Gwillimbury, the average salary is around $60,000, whereas in Surrey, it’s notably lower at $48,000. This discrepancy in income shows the disparity in living standards between the two areas. While East Gwillimbury residents might have higher salaries, they still face greater financial strain due to elevated housing costs and utility expenses. Conversely, Surrey residents enjoy a relatively better financial position due to the lower cost of living, despite earning less on average. Make sure to evaluate your financial situation carefully so your relocation, facilitated by the reliable movers Surrey has to offer, is enjoyable from the very start.

Bridge in Surrey
The overall cost of living is lower in Surrey, but they also earn less per year than the residents of East Gwillimbury.

Housing market

While we have mentioned the average prices of homes and rent, there are a few other factors that are worth considering when moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury.

East Gwillimbury, being a smaller city, has a housing market where single-family homes dominate. These houses are often spacious and cater to families, reflecting the city’s suburban atmosphere. In contrast, Surrey, being larger and more urban, offers a diverse housing market. While single-family homes exist, there’s a higher prevalence of condominiums and townhouses. These options cater to a more varied demographic, including young professionals and smaller families, showcasing the city’s diverse and dynamic lifestyle.

The size of the cities plays a pivotal role in shaping their real estate markets. Smaller cities like East Gwillimbury often have a limited land area, leading to a focus on single-family dwellings and a sense of community. Larger cities like Surrey, with more land available, offer a wide array of housing options to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of a larger population. This is something you have to consider prior to exploring which homes are available on the market. Take into account what your life will look like before hiring East Gwillimbury movers, to ensure you’re making the right choice.

A house in East Gwillimbury
Moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury will allow you to spend more time surrounded by fresh air and in peace and quiet.

Employment opportunities may be scarce after moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury

The job markets in East Gwillimbury and Surrey present distinct opportunities and challenges. In Surrey, a larger urban center, the job market is diverse, offering a plethora of opportunities in sectors like technology, healthcare, education, and retail. Professions in these fields, such as software development, nursing, teaching, and sales, are highly sought after, reflecting the city’s thriving economy and varied industries.

In contrast, East Gwillimbury, being smaller in size, faces limitations in employment options. While there are jobs in fields like local services, education, and healthcare, the variety is restricted compared to Surrey. Certain specialized professions and corporate roles are notably scarcer in East Gwillimbury due to its size and limited industrial presence. Consequently, residents might need to commute to neighboring areas for specific job opportunities, impacting their daily routines and job prospects. However, if you already have a job lined up or have skills or products that you can monetize anywhere, make sure to work with the best cross province movers to swiftly relocate and start your stay on the right note.

for hire sign
Surrey has more employment opportunities thanks to its size, but East Gwillimbury is close to major cities like Toronto, so finding a good job is not hard.

Schools and education

In East Gwillimbury, there are 12 public schools catering to the local population. In contrast, Surrey stands out as an education hub, boasting an extensive network of schools. It is home to the largest school district in British Columbia, accommodating 77,303 students during the 2022-23 school year. This large student body reflects Surrey’s diverse and thriving community. Additionally, while there are no universities located directly within East Gwillimbury, residents have access to nearby institutions like York University and the University of Toronto, enhancing higher education opportunities.

In Surrey, the presence of Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Simon Fraser University enhances the education options. These institutions offer a wide array of programs, catering to diverse interests and career aspirations. With 194 public schools, Surrey’s education system is not only vast but also varied, providing students with ample choices to pursue their educational goals. If you have kids, moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury may pose some challenges in their educational pursuits, but the quality of schools there is definitely high, and great universities are located within the area. If that’s what you’re considering, ensure a smooth move by utilizing the top packing services Toronto provides. Once settled, you can then focus on finding the best school environment for your children in the East Gwillimbury area.

students in a classroom talking about moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury
You won’t have to make compromises with the quality of education your kids will receive if you decide to move from Surrey to East Gwillimbury.


In Surrey, transportation options are abundant, including buses, SkyTrain, and well-connected roads. The city’s efficient public transit system keeps the average monthly transportation cost affordable at $134. This connectivity facilitates easy commuting and reduces individual expenses.

However, in East Gwillimbury, a smaller city, transportation options are relatively limited. The distance between destinations can be greater, requiring more reliance on personal vehicles. As a result, the average monthly transportation cost in East Gwillimbury is slightly higher at $153. This increase is primarily due to the necessity of owning and maintaining a car for regular commuting, leading to higher fuel and maintenance costs. 

While Surrey benefits from a well-developed public transit system, East Gwillimbury’s smaller size demands more reliance on personal vehicles, leading to slightly higher transportation costs for residents. On the flip side, the actual commute times in East Gwillimbury are lower, as the town is smaller. It means you’d spend less time in your car or public transportation in general. This is one of the biggest reasons why people see moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury as a good choice.

After moving to East Gwillimbury, you’ll most likely have to get used to using your car or bike more than in Surrey.


Surrey and East Gwillimbury exhibit distinct climate differences. Surrey experiences a temperate maritime climate characterized by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The city enjoys relatively mild temperatures throughout the year, with winter lows seldom dropping drastically. Summers are warm and sunny, making it comfortable for outdoor activities.

In contrast, East Gwillimbury has a humid continental climate with more defined seasons. Winters in East Gwillimbury are cold and snowy, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. Also, snowfall is common during winter months. On the other hand, summers are warm and humid, ideal for outdoor gatherings and recreational activities. The area experiences all four seasons distinctly, with colorful foliage in the fall and blooming flowers in the spring. Since the town has many excellent parks, trails, and sports fields, you’d spend a lot of time enjoying nature. 

Local laws and regulations

When moving from Surrey in British Columbia to East Gwillimbury in Ontario, it’s good to know that both cities operate under Canadian federal laws. While each adheres to the regulations of its respective province, some standards are consistent between the two. The legal drinking age is 19 in both areas, and adults over this age can consume cannabis legally. Both provinces, British Columbia and Ontario, utilize a public healthcare system. Furthermore, regardless of which city you reside in, you’ll need to follow Canadian immigration laws for residency.

Regarding traffic regulations, both cities follow Canadian road safety standards, including speed limits, seat belt laws, and DUI regulations. However, specific local traffic bylaws may vary. That’s why you should hire residential movers Toronto residents recommend the most who know this area well, to avoid any delays during your relocation.

Additionally, both cities adhere to national and provincial employment laws, covering minimum wage, workers’ rights, and workplace safety regulations. These laws ensure fair treatment of employees and standardize work conditions.

Overall, both Surrey and East Gwillimbury operate within the framework of Canadian federal laws and provincial regulations, with minor variations to accommodate specific local needs or preferences. In this area of life, you’d feel no difference after moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury. 

Healthcare services 

Both cities have access to Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system, providing essential medical services to residents. Under this system, basic healthcare services, doctor consultations, and hospital care are universally accessible and covered for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

In Surrey, residents have access to hospitals like Surrey Memorial Hospital, providing a wide range of medical services, emergency care, and specialized treatments. The healthcare system is managed by the British Columbia Ministry of Health, ensuring standard care and services.

Similarly, East Gwillimbury, being part of Ontario, has access to hospitals such as Southlake Regional Health Centre, offering various medical services, surgeries, and emergency care. The healthcare system in Ontario is overseen by the Ontario Ministry of Health, whose job is to provide consistent healthcare services across the province. For the same level of protection for your possessions during the move, acquire only the most reliable packing supplies Toronto and other areas in Canada have access to.

A woman at the doctor's office after moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury
Even though East Gwillimbury is a small town, the healthcare services there are excellent and up to the highest standards.

Moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury can allow you to reset and relax

The differences between the two cities, spanning from cost of living to climate and healthcare services, highlight the diverse lifestyles and opportunities available in different regions. Surrey, with its city setting, has a lively vibe, varied employment opportunities, and a milder climate, providing residents with a range of amenities. East Gwillimbury, on the other hand, with its smaller size, embodies a more intimate community vibe, distinct seasons, and a close-knit environment. If peace of mind is what you are looking for, then moving from Surrey to East Gwillimbury is a smart choice. The town’s small population and surface area would allow you to enjoy a quiet lifestyle, away from the noise of the city. To have a smooth relocation, hire reliable movers and lease some of the best storage units in Toronto. With them by your side, you’d be able to plan out the finer details of your move.