Major moving agency inquiries

Relocating all the possessions can be a big ordeal, especially when relocating long distance. Since you with your items want to stay safe, it’s important to assure the transportation service is suitable for you. Before hiring the company, start by asking these nine questions:

Is this moving agency authorized to relocate household items?

This is an essential question, to begin with. A genuine service will be able to present a Motor Carrier number or any other proof of licensure. If an agency is hesitant or unable to present their licensing papers, beware. They may be frauds!
Movers Calgary is licensed to relocate any type of household items.

How do the movers work?

Revise these aspects: Who packs, loads, and unloads? Who drives? How does the company transport your belongings? Where do they keep the moving supplies? Is the moving equipment big? How long does the moving gear stay at my house?
It is crucial to know all of these little things before you hire a company, in order to avoid any surprises during your relocation.

Are there extra charges?

See if there are extra costs for the delivery, pickup, storage, liability coverage, fuel, taxes, or any other services you’ll require. This will help you make sure that you’re able to stick to your budget.
A  moving quote includes the equipment, transportation, fuel, and liability coverage, and tax applies on top. The only extra fees are for more services such as storage or guaranteed transit.

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Ask every moving agency this question! Some moving services may take up to 2-4 weeks to deliver your possessions, which may mean staying in a hotel or purchasing replacement items in the meantime. Truck rental agencies may give a specific number of days and miles to manage your move, which may mean rushing to meet the deadline or paying for extra days.

Are my belongings transferred, unloaded, or intermixed?

This question is concerned with who handles the belongings and how they are treated while moving. A transfer involves taking belongings and transport them into another van after they are loaded. Likewise, some companies may unload your possessions into a warehouse and then put them in another truck.
Movers Calgary doesn’t transfer, unload or commingle the belongings. Your things stay where you load them, and only your items are loaded in the moving trailer.

What is your cancellation policy?

Even though you’re planning to relocate, there can be a change in things. Maybe you need to wait a few weeks for your house to close, or maybe you wish to hire a different relocation service. Whatever the reason, ensure to ask inquiry about the cancellation policy before booking.

Does the moving quote include coverage or is it an extra fee?

Some moving agencies will include standard liability coverage, but others will offer it at an additional charge. If using a van rental company, make sure it’s clear to you what’s included in the quote and what you’re responsible for if you turn down extra coverage. In some cases, if an accident occurs, you may be responsible for the replacement value of the truck.

What if I need more room/weight?

Until items are actually loaded in the moving truck, the price of the relocation is just an estimate price. If your items are more or less than you presumed, it can affect the room they occupy or the overall weight of the shipment. Ask your transportation service what happens if you require more or less space/weight. With some agencies, there may be penalties for going over your estimate. With a fixed size container, such as a rental van, you might be forced to rent an extra truck or trailer if you require more room and there’s no refund for only using part of the rental vehicle.

Should you have more questions to ask about the leading Calgary movers, we encourage you to leave a comment below. If you can think of other inquiry that should be asked of a moving agency, leave those in the comments as well!