When it comes to relocating, one thing that you need to think of and that takes plenty of time is packing all the clothes. Since there are so many types of clothing, the best way to go about this is to have a proper plan on how all the closets will be cleared. Skilled Richmond Hill movers have some amazing tips that one can follow that will assist them to pack without any difficulties. Here are a few of them.


Once all the clothes are packed, label each box and make sure to use large letters and indicate which room they should be placed in. This makes it easier for the crew to know where to pace them when they get to the new abode.

Arranging by season

An easy way to pack clothes is to do so by grouping them according to the season they are worn. If the move is set for a hot period, then there is no need for the winter clothes, and they can be packed below all the others. This will also come in handy when it comes to unpacking.

Clearing as you go

Relocation is the best time to go through your possessions and sort out those that are not needed anymore. If you haven’t worn something for over a year, we recommend throwing them away or donating and selling them if they are still in good condition. As you sort through the clothes has two piles, one for what is being left behind and the other for the items being moved.

Keeping them in place

When it comes to drawers, a good time-saving method is to move them when the clothes are still in them. Because clothes are generally light, the crew will be able to carry the fixtures with ease as the clothes are still stored there.

Packing supplies

Apart from boxes, bigger clothes can also be transported in plastic garbage bags that will keep them dry and safe, and also save you the hustle of having to group them. Sealable and vacuum bags also work perfectly as they compress bulkier items making them easy to stack. If there are clothes that are on hangers, get wardrobe boxes that are fitted with a bar for hanging. Shoes can also be carried at the bottom to save on space.

Have comfortable clothes

Make sure that on the D-day, you have on comfortable clothes that will not wear you down as you go about the activities. Wear something light but protective to stay safe while still being comfortable.


We recommend keeping the articles as clean as you can during the move. Before closing the boxes, spray lightly with disinfectant which will help to keep them clean and fresh throughout the journey. It is also advisable to use some bug spray as well on the outside of the cartons to ward off insects.