4 Tips on What to Do If Only One Partner Wants to Relocate

Moving is a real thing for many families and couples, but it’s not always a supported decision and could cause disagreements in relationships if the situation isn’t handled delicately.  Even though compromise should be the answer to solving conflicts, it’s easier said than implemented.

So what do you do when the hope of a move for whatever reason interferes with the flow of happy family life and couple hood? Discover what to do when only one member of the family wants to relocate.

What’s your rush?

Relocating may interest you, but are you viewing the move with rose-colored glasses or considering everything? Aside from being one of the most stressful situations in a person’s life, there are many factors to take into consideration and changes that must be made.

Look into your heart and assess the positives and negatives before jumping in and contacting a moving agency.  If it’s a job you just cannot say no to, it could be worth the strain and planning; however, if it’s just an impulse, take your time and reconsider even if nothing changes.

Plead your case

When convincing your spouse or your family about relocating, you must state your case in-person with a lot of details and support.  Start out by being relaxed and not harassing the other party about why they won’t relocate.

Tell them about the job you’d like to take or the place where you would like to move and tell them why they are good opportunities for you together as a couple or family.  Do not leave any issue unaddressed, so that they can consider what you say and see if they should probably give it more attention.

The Muse recommends you not to involve other people’s views into it like close friends, parents, and co-workers unless to contribute positive yet accurate feedback from people you know who already live in the area you’re contemplating.

Put yourself in the other people’s shoes

To understand the other side, listen to what your partner and other members of the family have to say about the relocation including their fears and despair over leaving a place they are attached to or have lived in for a long period.

Don’t speak until they’ve stated their case.  Even if they have a change of mind and want to relocate, they still must find a job, make new friends, new home, amenities, and services they need and want. Also, they must search for a new place, start packing up their belongings and hire a reliable moving agency.

For everyone involved, relocating brings more pressure and responsibilities than expected, so let them know that you’re there to support and encourage them.

Make joint decisions together

As a couple or family, you’re in this together, so every decision must be done together as a unit and not just as an individual.  Whatever decision you come to – if you choose to remain where you are or plan to take the dive and move — make sure that both parties are happy with the decision, and no notable resentment remains.

International Living suggests visiting the area you’re interested in if your spouse or family is still not sure and take preparatory trips there or rent a temporary apartment to try it out.

Which movers from London, Ontario can assist during my relocation?

Don’t rush the decision of relocating without getting on the same page as your partner. Why go through the difficult process of moving your chandelier alone and go through the hassle of a winter relocation? First, get to terms with your partner, and then move on with the rest of the tasks, such as finding a moving company to hire.

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