4 Tips on Choosing When to Move

What is the best time of the year to relocate

Relocating to a new home is an exciting yet overwhelming experience. One of the key decisions related to it is determining the best time of the year to relocate. Factors such as weather, school schedules, and availability of movers in Etobicoke all play a role in deciding the most suitable time to change residence. 

In the text ahead, we will discuss the various aspects to consider when choosing the ideal time of the year to relocate. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the best time of the year to relocate?

Before you start researching important relocation terms you should know and all the crucial tips on packing successfully, you should first decide on the right time for your move. An informed decision on the best time to relocate depends on several factors. 

Planning ahead and taking these factors into consideration ensures that it’s a stress-free and seamless experience. It’s also essential to book a company in advance to secure your preferred date and avoid the high costs associated with peak season. To help you with your decision, we’ve listed some of the most important of these factors.

1. Weather conditions

Weather is a significant aspect to consider when choosing the best time to relocate. Moving during extreme weather conditions can be challenging and increase the risk of damage to your belongings. For instance, winter weather may make the process more difficult and dangerous. The risk of slips, falls, and damage due to the harsh conditions is higher during these times.

Similarly, moving during hot summers can potentially cause damage to delicate items like electronics and artwork. Opting for mild weather conditions that generally occur during the spring and fall is recommended as the ideal time to change addresses.

2. Peak season

The demand for moving services typically peaks during the summer months and towards the end and beginning of the year in the moving industry, although this can vary depending on the specific location and other circumstances. Relocating during these periods can be more stressful and expensive due to the increased demand for services. 

Additionally, the availability of moving companies may be limited during peak seasons, making it difficult to secure the desired date. To steer clear of the peak season rush and save money on your relocation, you may want to consider organizing the move for the off-peak season.

3. School schedules

For families with school-aged children, the school schedule plays a crucial role in determining the best time to move. Settling into a new home during the school year can be disruptive to children’s education and routines. It may also be challenging to find a new school and adjust to a new environment. 

Therefore, it’s best to move during the summer break or winter break when schools are closed. This ensures that children can complete the current school year without disruption and start a new school year in a new environment.

4. Job relocation

If your job requires you to move, the ideal time will depend on the company’s relocation policies and your availability. Some companies may have specific dates or windows of time they give you before you’re expected to be at your new workplace. Therefore, it’s essential to consult with your employer and the moving company to determine the best time to organize the relocation.

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