It’s absolutely possible to pack up and move your possessions single-handedly, but some things need extra attention. Some of your items may require more care while others should not be moved at all.

To help you know which belongings you can handle moving by yourself and which need more expertise, professional local movers in Toronto has compiled a list of the four things that are hardest to move.


Houseplants are one of the most common possessions most people don’t realize can be difficult to move. If you put some thought to it, you’re basically just moving a large container full of dirt which can get messy. Include extreme temperatures and a long distance drive, and you could end up with plant fatalities.

Even though the only way to ensure that your plants won’t be affected by the relocation is not to move them, most of us don’t want to move without our plants or give them to friends or family. The safest way to move plants is to shift them to a plastic pot for light plants and ceramic ones if they are heavy. Transfer them a few weeks in advance to give them time to settle. After they’ve adapted to their new pots, carry them inside of your vehicle during transit rather than a moving truck. This allows you to control the temperature they’re experiencing, and ensure they’re not moving in a way that could result in damage during the drive.


Pianos are awkward and difficult to move. Despite being large and hulking, they have small, winding components inside that can easily be damaged. They really are a true moving nightmare. This is why most people favor leaving them behind during a relocation. If, reasonably, you don’t want to leave your piano behind, renting the services of a professional piano moving agency is the easiest and safest way to move your piano. If you try to tackle moving it yourself, you pose some danger to not only to your piano but your doorways or hallways as well. You can also severely cause injury to yourself or any other parties helping you, so it’s in your best interest to leave it to the experts.


Moving fish tanks is an incredibly cumbersome task. They’re large and bulky, and many a time the fish don’t survive the move due to the frenetic sloshing and varying conditions. Just like houseplants, it can be hard to leave your fish behind, so following a particular protocol will boost their chances of survival during your relocation.

Empty out most of the fish tank’s water, but still, leave some in the bottom to make sure the existing bacteria colony remains once you refill it. Move your fish into small bags or containers using the tank water and carry them that way. Do your best to steady them during transportation to avoid them sloshing around in their containers, which can cause stress or physical harm.

Once you’ve arrived at your new place, start setting up the fish tank as soon as you can. Float the bags in the new tank before transferring the fish into it to allow them to adapt to the new temperature. Keep a keen eye on them for a couple of days to make sure the change is going smoothly, and address any issues that may result.


The artwork is another tiresome item to move. Often, the work is either pricey or has sentimental value, so evading any damage to the item is key. If your artwork is in a frame, wrap it in bubble wrap or paper and secure it. Once it’s wrapped, add extra protection by taping cardboard pieces to the overwrapping all around the frame. Place it in a box and pad it with packing peanuts or alike material to keep it from shifting around. You can secure multiple frames together inside the box after they’ve been wrapped and covered to compact space.

If your artwork isn’t framed, wrap it heavily in bubble wrap and put it in a suitably sized carton with a strengthened bottom. Fill the carton with packing peanuts and seal the top with tape. Ensure you label all your artwork boxes appropriately and indicate that they’re delicate so the movers will be extra careful when handling them.

While some belongings may be challenging to move, that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Conduct research, have the proper equipment and get prepared to work. If you’d rather not tackle the tasks yourself, hire a Best Movers Toronto to do it for you. They’re professionals and will be sure to get your belongings from point A to point B.

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