If you decided to relocate with the best movers in the Toronto area, proper planning and scheduling your move is essential. But imagine it suddenly started to rain; it will surely complicate your relocation. If you keep track of the forecast, it will definitely help you to be prepared, should it be raining on the day of your relocation.

Check out the following few helpful life hacks on how to reduce stress during a rainy day move:

Remember that safety is your number one priority.

If it’s a rainy day, ensure you review weather channel on how heavy the downpour is and when it is predicted to be over. In case of a heavy rain storm, rescheduling the date with selected Toronto Movers would be a very good idea, in order to avoid endangering yourself. When the weather is not interfering with the relocation process, you should go ahead and move the house. Don’t let yourself be wet and cold on a  moving day.

It will be helpful if you follow the next steps:

  • Wear sturdy shoes that are specially created for this type of weather. It’s a good idea to put on rubber gloves, since they are waterproof. All your belongings will be more slippery, so make sure your gloves fit your hands well.
  • Use old sheets instead of using plastic drop sheets in order to prevent accidentally slipping on a wet floor.
  • Make sure you drive slowly and carefully if you are the one driving to the new home.

Choose the right boxes
It’s no secret that once the cartons get wet, they lose their structure, making them incapable of protecting or holding the contents. It would be way better if you use plastic moving boxes; this way all your belongings will stay safe. Besides, the plastic boxes are also waterproof. This guarantees that the items packed in the boxes will stay dry during the whole move.

Secure your house

Keep your house protected at all times. You wouldn’t want your house full of wet furniture or cartons, so make sure your floors are protected. Protecting your hardwood floors with some towels or old carpets is a good idea. Another option is placing all the items into one or two rooms near the front door of your home. This way the house won’t get that much water, grass and leaves. You will save your time and effort you would spend on cleaning afterwards. The rain doesn’t have to be a reason to cancel your big move.

By following the above tips, you can go through with your move without any issues, particularly if your schedule is extremely busy.

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