How would you react if your spouse suddenly told you that they got a promotion that requires you to buy a new home, pack your things, and make the big move?  Truth be told, most of us probably wouldn’t respond well to the idea of a new job, new friends, and a new home—without any prior warning. We can be disappointed and frustrated to hear that our close ones have made a decision without consulting us as well. And here pops the question: why wouldn’t teens react the same way?

While such a transition can be tough at any age, it can be especially hard for teenagers, since they value friendship and the status they hold among their peers. We all tend to make the same mistake: not informing our children before the final decision was taken – in their absence. It is expected for a kid to be very sad, disappointed, angry, if not even depressed, avoiding any kind of conversation by locking themselves in the room, slamming the doors and replying aggressively.

If you are considering a move, save yourself the worry of whether moving will send your teen into a downward spiral that will affect their self-esteem, grades, and probably their lifelong success and happiness by involving them in the discussion early on. By doing this, you will give them a feeling that they have somewhat influenced and had the situation in their hands, giving them more confidence, and during and after the move you will save them from a lot of stress, confusion, anger or sadness.

Below are some tips for helping your teen transition for an easier experience:

  • Try to put yourself in your kids’ shoes. Whatever you do, do not disregard their concerns. It may not be a big deal to you, but it is a huge deal to them.
  • Have them write their list of pros and cons to help you see what they are most afraid will happen at the new place. This will help you offer sound reality checks.
  • Let your teen make decisions, or share their thoughts on the neighbourhood and the schools. This way they won’t feel left aside or ignored. Such decisions will give them a sense of ownership.
  • A very good idea would be to take your teen to visit their school for a tour, prior to the move.
  • Play a game where they can find the coolest new thing to do at your new location.

For your moving process to go easier and smoother, take a look at the following additional steps:

  • It would be a great idea to make sure you already have an Internet connection at your destination. Therefore, try contacting the local Internet service provider to try to fix it for you.  This will facilitate the maintenance of relationships they had from your former neighbourhood through social media. If you wait until you arrive, there might be a delay in the service connection.
  • Allow the kids to decide on the colour, layout, and décor of their room. This will be an important step for them, and a great help for them to get used more quickly to their new surroundings.
  • Make sure you take some time outside settling in to enjoy the “cool stuff” the kids researched. Fun times together will help your family adapt faster to the new chapter in your lives. If you’re afraid of being too busy settling in, Movers in Etobicoke or Movers Mississauga will help you alleviate the burden of packing and unpacking, providing sufficient time for you and your kids to come to terms with the relocation.
  • Encourage them to get involved in activities in the new community where they can make new friends with similar interests like soccer, photography, game design, acting classes, or whatever interests they have.
  • Facilitate face-to-face visits with their best friend by starting a piggy bank with spare change to save up for a visit.

The more involved teens are in the decision-making process, the more likely it is to make the transition easier.

Moving to a new place will be always followed by both excitement and worries, so you may want to rely on experienced movers in Etobicoke to help you with the move, who will make it easier, thus, saving you a lot of stress and headaches. You can find more information and helpful tips on Toronto moving on our website. You are always welcome to visit our offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. We guarantee our best and most efficient assistance regarding your upcoming move!