There couldn’t be a more stressful situation than having to relocate all your belongings when you have to climb numerous flights of stairs. I’m familiar with such an experience that has happened in my life. I’m happy to tell that I pulled through, believe me, there’s a chance for anyone.

The lack of elevators in every apartment building is beyond me, but if you move into a building with only stairs, here are some tips to help reduce the frustration of your move.

1. Ask For Support

If you can pull off moving all the items of one condo without any help using only stairs, I salute you. I honestly couldn’t handle it. I would recommend you to ask for assistance to perform your relocation easier and quicker. Cooperating with your friends, one of them should help with lifting and caring your belongings and another one could help you with guiding on the stairs.

Most of the times, friends are not excited about lifting heavy items, but they are your best friends, they are ready to give you a helping hand anytime. Feel free to entice them with pleasant rewards like pizza and beer. Sometimes your friends are not available when you’re relocating, so it’s time to consider hiring insured moving companies in Toronto.

After all, the moving crew is certainly familiar with what you’re trying to do and will handle this job quickly and professionally.

2. Use a Hand Cart

When it’s time to relocate to the new place, using a hand cart is the best idea. You can use it to move any heavy items like furniture up the stairs. It’s important that you don’t forget to tie down properly all the furniture pieces on the hand cart. You can use cords, so it doesn’t shift. If there is someone next to you, don’t hesitate and ask to guide you up the stairs.

3. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Relocating isn’t a time for fashion, so choose clothes that are comfortable (you’ll be glad you did). Go for shoes that have good tread, to make going up and down stairs with bulky objects easier. Also, it’s more comfortable in looser pants.

4. Don’t forget to take gloves

No matter whether it’s 95F, take gloves with you. Moving wooden furniture and other items up to your new home may injure your hands, or worse, give you splinters!

5. It’s important to wrap the furniture properly.

When carrying any type of the furniture up to the stairs, be sure you will definitely hit a wall or two. That’s why it’s recommended to cover all your belongings with blankets or use bubble wrap instead. This way you will not damage either your furniture or the walls.

6. Think Before You Relocate

Think strategically while carrying heavy items without elevator. If you’re carrying a sofa, you should know its exact size and the size of the stairs. Think of how to move it on the corners, it’s important to fit the limited space on the stairs.

7. Bulky Items Go First

Maybe you don’t feel like lifting your heavy bed all the way up five flights, but remember, it is a good start. If you do it at the end of the move, there could be no energy left for this task. You’re going to be extremely tired when the move is over, so carrying the rest of your large and heavy items might seem even harder than it was before. When everything is moved to your apartment, you’ll be so glad that this process is over now. Note: Ensure that all of the massive items that were planned to be move will fit into your new place. I learned this lesson after an accident that has happened to me when I lifted a huge bed 5 flights of stairs with no elevator, and apparently, it couldn’t go through the door frame.

8. Your Strongest helpers should be in the right place

While carrying heavy items using stairs only, the mover at the lower point will have the most difficult task. For example, if your mom is assisting you on a moving day, consider giving her a pillow instead of chairs or a couch.

9. It helps a lot when the furniture is disassembled in advance.

When the large furniture is separated into many small pieces, it helps to move it safely. Disassembling will make it way easier to relocate the furniture without an elevator. When all the small pieces are moved to the new place, it’s a good time to start working on assembling them.

10. Reward Yourself

You just moved all your small and large items, heavy furniture and delicate pieces using only stairs! Now it is a right time to celebrate it!

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