Moving to University: 10 Big Tips for an Easy Relocation

While going to university in a new city is exciting for young people, it can also be an anxious time for both parents and students. Students might be stressed out over leaving their families behind, and parents over how well their child will adapt without family’s daily support.

If planning to relocate from a city like Toronto ON, Calgary AB or Vancouver BC, any of our branches in these cities can help you achieve a stress-free move and let you focus on other issues. During this transition time, parents should sit down with their university-bound kids and discuss best ways to handle these new experiences.

On top of the psychological factors involved, there are also some practical concerns related to moving to college. Below are ten guidelines to help you get things packed up and moved to a new place:

How do I move to university easily?

Moving to university is a huge step, one equally exciting and daunting. And that’s without even considering the moving and other organizational aspects of it all. That is why we’re giving you a couple of tips on how to more easily move to university.

1. Confirm university house arrangements

If your child is living in residence, the university will provide information. Accommodations normally include two students in one room, or four of them sharing a suite. If you plan to request for a single room, ensure you contact the school in advance since most universities have limited room choices.

2. Rent housing off campus

If it’s necessary to rent off-campus housing instead, start searching as early as possible. Most universities provide a list of off-campus housing. Other sources to use include online ads and those in local newspapers. If accommodations are going to be shared, it will be ideal for your child to share an apartment with a friend or family member.

3. Decide what to carry

At least a few weeks in advance, list down what your child will need for daily living. Whether they’ll be living in residence, or renting an unfurnished apartment off-campus, one of these options will determine the number of items needed. In the latter case, it will be necessary to have some furniture shipped.

4. Shop for new items

Plan a shopping trip with your kid once it’s decided which items you’ll need to purchase.  Ensure everything they need is set up in their new place.

5. Gather packing supplies

When moving with local movers from Toronto, you’ll obviously need cartons of various sizes, packing paper, and tape, markers etc. You’ll want to ensure boxes are sturdy so that nothing is damaged during transportation.

6. Pack efficiently

Always carry heavy items using smaller cartons and don’t overpack boxes to the point where they become too heavy to lift. You’ll want to carry items like duvets and other bedding which are bulky using larger cartons. Pack similar items together in the same box and label the contents inside it. This makes the unpacking process significantly easier.

7. Arrange for a mover

It is advisable to use a professional moving company, like Miracle Movers, if your son or daughter is taking furniture and other bulky items with them to another city or province. You may leave it all to the professional movers, and rest assured that everything will be delivered on time and without any difficulties.

This will save you a lot of time and headaches. Remember that the end of August to early September is the busiest time for professional moving companies, so make sure to book them early.

8. The self-moving option

If the university is close to home, you may decide to rent a truck and pull off a DIY move. Reserve a truck earlier, since just as the moving companies, rental trucks are in high-demand at the end of August. Remember to reserve moving tools as well, in order to make the moving furniture process easier and safer.

If you’re moving far, have someone drive your truck to the university and back to its previous location. Some truck rental companies offer pick-up and drop-off in different locations for extra charges.

9. Insurance

Talk to your insurance broker to find out if you can make an addition to your home insurance policy to cover the things that your son or daughter will be taking to university. This is especially essential if they are taking furniture and setting up an apartment. Normally, the amendment can be done for a small charge or in some cases it might not have any effect on your premium at all.

10. Saying goodbye

In most cases, parents will go with their son or daughter to university and help them settle in. If possible, get there a day or two in advance so you can enjoy some time together. Be conscious of the fact that your son or daughter will likely be anxious to start their new life. Therefore, once they’re settled in, leave them to their new lives.

Who are the leading movers in Toronto to help me start university?

There are important aspects to consider when moving because you’re starting university. First, make sure to avoid any rental scams if you’re moving off-campus. Second, only hire the most reputable movers for all your relocation needs.

Miracle Movers is a premium moving company that can help you with all your moving needs. Whether you’re a student moving to a university in another province, or a freshly-married couple moving closer to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, we’re here for you! For more information about moving please contact us at Local Movers Toronto – Miracle Movers!